50 years of Amnesty International (Press Kit)

On 28 May, Amnesty International celebrates 50 years of independent campaigning to end grave abuses of human rights. Fifty years which have seen the movement grow from its early beginnings as a small office in London, staffed by volunteers, to a truly global movement of more than 3 million supporters, members and activists.

Amnesty International’s vision is for every person to enjoy all the rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international human rights standards.

Amnesty International Turns 50
The story of Amnesty International
Amnesty International: a timeline
Facts and figures
Amnesty International firsts
Amnesty International's people
Individuals at risk
Activists profiles
Celebrity Engagement


The movement’s progress, from its early beginnings to today.
Amnesty International turns 50 [41.1KB]

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A narrative outlining the movement’s progress from its early beginnings to today.
The history of Amnesty International [84.0KB]

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A timeline of key events, achievements and other milestones in the story of Amnesty International.
The Amnesty International Timeline [117.0KB]

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Facts and figures about Amnesty International the global movement, its work, its campaigns, its International Secretariat, staff, and finance and funding.
Facts and Figures [91.8KB]

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Firsts in the history of Amnesty International.
Amnest International firsts [74.3KB]

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Biographies and photographs of the Secretaries General of Amnesty International, detailing their achievements and how they contributed to shaping the movement.
Salil Shetty [60.0KB]
General Secretary Biographies 1967-2010 [76.5KB]

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Amnesty International has robustly campaigned on behalf of individuals and communities, advocating to uphold, secure and protect their human rights. Demonstrating Amnesty International’s legacy of success across regions and decades, and providing insight into what the movement can continue to achieve via activism, now and in the future, these are some of their inspiring stories.
Abranches Afonso Penicelo [60.6KB]
Fela Kuti [65.9KB]
Hafez Ibrahim [63.4KB]
R Samba [59.0KB]
Radhia Nasraoui [62.1KB]
Saidzhakhon Zainabitdinov [58.3KB]
Slava Aidov [65.5KB]
Sok Yoeun [56.8KB]
Tissainayagam [58.0KB]
Vedanta [88.7KB]
Wolfgang Welsch [59.2KB]
WOZA [62.4KB]

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Amnesty International is made up of people from all walks of life united together with one goal – to end Human Rights Abuses. In their work they have often been threatened and detained but many remain defiant that progress must be made to end abuse.
Salil Shetty [44.5KB]
General Secretary Biographies 1967-2010 [70.2KB]

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As a campaigning organization, Amnesty International has often held artistic festivals, photo exhibition, theatrical work and music events. Through this campaign medium, many new members and supporters have been people who have also given their time to perform at concerts or events.
50 years of working-with celebrities - Comedy [54.3KB]
50 years of working with celebrities - Film [65.4KB]
50 years of working with celebrities - Literature [83.6KB]
50 years of working with celebrities - Music [83.7KB]
50 years of working with celebrities - Visual Art Photography Fashion [68.9KB]
50 years of working woth celebrities - Other examples [65.0KB]

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[Highlights video – 06:50]
Press Kit Highlights Video – a view of Amnesty International’s 50 years of campaigning and a selection of the footage we have available in the B-roll
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Full B roll available
These clips of Amnesty International’s 50 years of campaigning feature our history, landmark moments and interviews with the individuals who have stood defiantly for their own and others’ human rights. These are copyright cleared for you to use, and are available to download here with transcripts.

B-roll part 1, Salil Shetty, Secretary General, Amnesty International [02:22]
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B-roll part 2, History and Landmark Moments - [16:40]
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B-roll part 3, Work and Campaigning - [12:54]
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B-roll part 4, Individuals and Well-known Supporters [14:54]
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Photos and Audio visual material

Instructions for download:
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Full length tapes: Please contact +44207 413 5566 or avproduction@amnesty.org to order a tape containing the highlights package and all 4 parts of the B Roll

Download Highlights video [English Subtitles, 06:50]

Download a clean version of the Highlights video [International no Subtitles, 06:50]