Annual Report 2013
The state of the world's human rights

International justice

Demand justice for the Congolese people

In the last two decades, the people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo have endured horrific human rights violations. Most of these violations have not been investigated, those responsible have not been prosecuted and victims have been denied justice and redress. However, the recent elections and a newly re-elected President provide fresh hopes that the Congolese may finally see justice done.

Over the last few months more than 100,000 of you helped us seize this opportunity to support the Congolese people in their fight for justice by signing the 'Time for Justice is Now' petition. Amnesty International will deliver the petition by hand to the new Minister of Justice and Human Rights in the capital city Kinshasa.

Years of conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo have made impunity the rule rather than the exception. Together we will end impunity for crimes under international law wherever they occur.

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Amnesty International campaigns to ensure justice, truth and full redress for crimes under international law.

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