Annual Report 2013
The state of the world's human rights

Fifty years of Amnesty International

Journey through Amnesty International’s history and explore 50 years of human rights achievements and challenges.

The timeline is packed with links, photos and videos. Find out where we began and where we are going.

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Who we are

Amnesty International’s 3 million members believe that human rights abuses anywhere are the concern of people everywhere.

Until every person can enjoy all of their rights, our candle of hope will burn. It will burn until everyone can live in dignity; until every person’s voice can be heard; until no one is tortured or executed.

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Abolish the death penalty

Only nine countries had abolished the death penalty for all crimes in 1961, when...

Corporate accountability

The Nigerian government has failed to hold the oil industry to account for wides...

Defending women's and girls' rights in Nicaragua

In Nicaragua, all abortion, even for survivors of rape, is banned. On 28 Septemb...

Women demanding an equal voice in the new Egypt

During the Egyptian uprising, women stepped into the political limelight and dem...

Freedom of expression

The right to freedom of expression is a cornerstone for any fair society. It is ...

International justice

Wherever the most serious international crimes such as genocide, crimes against ...