Country data

Benchmarks used in the Annual Report

The facts at the top of each individual country entry in this report have been drawn from the following sources:

All Life expectancy and Adult literacy figures are from the UN Development Programme’s Human Development Index, found at

The latest figures available were Life expectancy at birth (2010) and Adult literacy rate (percentage aged 15 and above, 2005-2008). For more information, see the UNDP website or

Some countries that fall into the UNDP’s “high human development” bracket have been assumed by the UNDP to have a literacy rate of 99 per cent for purposes of calculating the Human Development Index. Where this is the case, we have omitted the figure.

All population figures are for 2010 and Under-5 mortality figures are estimates for the period 2005- 2010, both drawn from the UN Fund for Population Activities’ Demographic, Social and Economic Indicators, found at

Population figures are there solely to indicate the number of people affected by the issues we describe. Amnesty International acknowledges the limitations of such figures, and takes no position on questions such as disputed territory or the inclusion or exclusion of certain population groups.

Some country entries in this report have no reference to some or all of the above categories. Such omissions are for a number of reasons, including the absence of the information in the UN lists cited above.

These are the latest available figures at the time of going to print, and are for context purposes only. Due to differences in methodology and timeliness of underlying data, comparisons across countries should be made with caution.

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