23 August 2013
Palestinian President Abbas: act now to ensure justice for crimes against civilians

Family home near Gaza City, heavily damaged by an Israeli air strike on the next-door house which killed four people and injured dozens on 19 November 2012 © Amnesty International

In November last year at least 100 Palestinian civilians and four Israeli civilians were killed after the Israeli army launched Operation “Pillar of Defence”. During the conflict unlawful attacks were carried out by Israeli forces - who hit over 1,500 targets throughout the Gaza Strip, and Palestinian armed groups - who fired over 1,500 indiscriminate rockets at Israel. Three years earlier, hundreds of Palestinian civilians and three Israeli civilians were killed in the context of Operation “Cast Lead” - neither side ever took adequate steps to ensure that anyone was held accountable for crimes under international law.

Victims of such crimes deserve justice, and President Abbas has a unique opportunity to do something. Last year Palestine was recognized as a non-member observer state of the United Nations – which means that the government can now ratify the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC) that would allow victims of crimes under international law committed by all parties to seek justice.

Sign the petition below to put pressure on President Abbas to ratify the Rome Statute, because no one should enjoy impunity for crimes against civilians.

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