28 November 2012
Demand justice for Romani families forcibly evicted in Romania


On 17 December 2010, around 350 people from 76 families, were forcibly evicted from the centre of the city of Cluj-Napoca, Romania.
Forty families were re-housed in newly built housing units on the outskirts of the city, close to the city’s garbage dump and a former chemical waste dump. The housing provided is inadequate. One resident said:The room is very small; the water from outside is coming through the walls. It is really bad, it is a nightmare… Next to me, there is a family with 13 people, including 11 children, who live in one room.” No hot water or gas is provided. The bus stop is approximately 2.5km away, making it difficult for children to attend school and for residents to access education, employment, health-care and other essential services.

Thirty-six of the families were not offered any alternative housing, so were effectively made homeless. Seven families are being hosted by relatives. The remaining 29 families have built improvised homes near the housing units provided. They have no access to water, sanitation or electricity. With only verbal permission from the authorities for the housing they built, they live in daily fear of eviction.


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