06 June 2013
End violent repression of protests in Turkey now!

Protests in Istanbul © Serra Akcan/NarPhotos

What began as a demonstration to save in Istanbul has turned into a violent wave of repression against protestors throughout Turkey.

Tens of thousands of people have attended anti-government demonstrations following shockingly excessive measures used by police to disperse peaceful demonstrators. Amateur video footage shows police officers beating protestors with batons, using tear gas and water cannons. 
This is an ongoing and serious human rights crisis and Amnesty needs your help now.

Call on Turkey to end the use of excessive force on peaceful protestors which has seen at least two protestors die and over 7,800 people injured.

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End violent repression of protests in Turkey

Dear Prime Minister,

I have been shocked by images showing police actions against demonstrators in Istanbul and other Turkish cities.

I call upon the Turkish government to:

* Intervene immediately to end abusive use of force by police, including the firing of tear gas canisters directly at protestors and abusive use of water cannon;

* Respect the right to peaceful protest;

* Launch prompt, independent and impartial investigations into the use of excessive force and bring to justice all those law enforcement officials found to have been responsible.

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