29 September 2010
Allow Belgrade Pride to go ahead without discrimination

On 10 October in Belgrade activists from Serbian lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) organizations will march together with their families, friends and supporters from other organizations, including Amnesty International.

Threats against organizers and participants of this year’s Pride have been already posted on the internet, including on Facebook and various social networks. Far-right groups' leaders have made threatening media statements. Individual LGBT activists have been intimidated.

Since 2001 the LGBT community in Serbia has been unable to hold a Pride Day parade due to serious threats from far-right and homophobic organizations. In 2001, the police failed to protect participants of the first Pride in Belgrade from attacks by members of a counter-demonstration.

Last year, the Belgrade Pride march, which was scheduled for September 2009, did not take place after the authorities at the last moment refused to provide security to the Pride participants on the agreed route through the city centre because of threats from far-right groups. Up to date the authorities in Serbia have failed to bring to justice those responsible for issuing threats to the organizers and supporters of the 2009 Pride.

Image copyright: Front Line/Mark Condren

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