Zaustavimo prinudna iseljenja u Srbiji!

15 April 2011

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Stop creating forests that are destroying Bedouin lives

11 April 2011

Al-‘Araqib a Bedouin village in southern Israel has been razed to the ground to make way for a forest. The residents face permanent forced eviction from their homes. Further, they are denied access to the land which they use to grow crops and keep livestock.

Dear UN Secretary-General, tell us what you know about Sri Lanka

8 April 2011

Join us in calling on the UN Secretary General (UNSG) Ban Ki-moon, to make public a report on accountability issues in Sri Lanka.

Stop forced evictions in Serbia

6 April 2011

Roma people living in informal settlements in Serbia are being forcibly evicted from their homes without any form of legal protection. Call on the Serbian government to end forced evictions and to protect Roma from losing their homes, their livelihoods and often their only possessions.

Lithuania: Unlock the truth – allegations of complicity in rendition and secret detention

6 April 2011

Call on the Lithuanian President to “unlock the truth” and re-open investigations into Lithuania’s role in torture and secret detention!

Decisive moment for Yemen. Act now.

6 April 2011

The human rights situation in Yemen has deteriorated rapidly this year. Please sign our petition addressed to Yemeni authorities to ensure that human rights are protected.

The Afghan government must ensure independence of women’s shelters

30 March 2011

The Afghan Ministry of Justice has drafted a regulation on Women’s Protection Centres. Although the regulation envisions greater support and monitoring of shelters, Amnesty International opposes regulation that would give the government control over shelters.

Call on the Kenyan authorities to ensure essential services in Nairobi’s informal settlements

25 March 2011

Kenyan authorities need to ensure that the right to adequate housing of residents of Nairobi’s slums and informal settlements is respected

Take action for the housing rights of Roma in Rome!

17 March 2011

Take action for the housing rights of Roma in Rome!

Philippines: Senate should approve ratification of the International Criminal Court Statute

16 March 2011

On 7 March, President Aquino submitted the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court to the Philippines Senate. Senate approval is required for Philippines to ratify the Statute.

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