Prime Minister Fico: End school segregation in Slovakia

4 September 2013

Take action to end segregation and discrimination of Roma children

Palestinian President Abbas: act now to ensure justice for crimes against civilians

23 August 2013

Take action to call on the President to ratify the Rome Statute

Putin: Protect Freedom of Expression

30 August 2013

Sign the petition to call on President Putin to stop restricting the right to free expression and assembly

Release 18-year-old Tunisian Femen activist

24 July 2013

Urge the Tunisian authorities to release Amina Sboui

Free Pussy Riot

18 July 2013

Urge the Russian Authorities to release the Nadya and Masha immediately.

End the use of torture in Tajikistan

9 June 2013

Take action to call on the President of Tajikistan to stand by his promises and end torture

End violent repression of protests in Turkey now!

6 June 2013

Take action and call on the government to protect people.

Eritrea: 20 years of independence, but still no freedom

9 May 2013

Urge the President of Eritrea to end the repression by taking action

Libyan journalist faces up to 15 years for publishing 84 names

3 May 2013

Take action and call on the Libyan authorities to drop the charges against Amara Abdalla al-Khattabi

End Torture in Mexico

5 March 2013

Call on the President of Mexico to end torture and ensure victims receive justice

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