Protect peaceful Moldovan protesters from police ill-treatment

15 April 2009

Hundreds of people have been detained in Moldova after the country's authorities blamed them for the rioting that followed a peaceful protest.

End institutional racism in the Austrian criminal justice system

9 April 2009

Institutional racism in the Austrian police and judicial organs is resulting in their failure to provide the same quality of service to all persons.

CIA crimes and Polish complicity?: transparency and accountability needed

3 April 2009

Sign the petition for a full and transparent investigation into crimes alleged in context of secret CIA detention

France must do more for victims of police ill-treatment

2 April 2009

Allegations of human rights violations by police officers in France include racist abuse, excessive use of force, beatings and unlawful killings.

Alleged abuses in the context of policing demonstrations in Greece

30 March 2009

Greek police shot and killed 15-year-old Alexandros-Andreas (Alexis) Gregoropoulos in Athens on 6 December 2008.

Stop executions in Belarus

23 March 2009

Belarus is the last country in Europe and in the former Soviet Union that still carries out executions.

Zimbabwe must drop the charges against former prisoners of conscience

10 March 2009

Jestina Mukoko and Broderick Takawira were recently released on bail after months in detention. The Attorney General of Zimbabwe must remove all conditions around thei

Greece: Investigate the attack of trade union leader

7 March 2009

Sign the petition to call for a proper investigation into the attack of trade union leader Konstantina Kuneva.

Afghan government must take firm action to protect women human rights defenders

6 March 2009

The October 2001 US-led international intervention to oust the Taleban regime was accompanied by a pledge by the Afghan government to protect women’s human right

Call on the Government of Venezuela to protect women’s rights

24 February 2009

Sign the petition to demand that the Government of Venezuela takes the urgent steps to protect women’s rights

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