Demand proper protection of womens’ rights in Mexico

20 October 2008

One in four women in Mexico has suffered physical, and sometimes sexual, violence at the hands of their partner.

India must establish a moratorium on executions

9 October 2008

As part of the sixth annual World Day against the Death Penalty, Amnesty International calls on India to take a step towards abolishing the death penalty.

Violence surrounds Sarajevo Queer festival

23 September 2008

Attacks at the end of the first day of the Sarajevo Queer Festival left eight people injured and forced the organizers to close the rest of the festival to the

Italy must stop the discrimination against Roma

10 September 2008

Romani communities and settlements in Italy are being subjected to ongoing discrimination, both from the Italian authorities and members of the public.

Belarus must respect freedom of assembly, association and expression

26 August 2008

Since it was introduced in 2005, Belarusian authorities have used Article 193-1 to arrest, detain and convict youth activists and members of NGOs for exercising thei

Slovakia urged to end segregation of Romani children

24 July 2008

Segregation of Romani children in special schools providing inferior education is a form of unlawful discrimination.

Rape in Burundi – demand justice now!

21 July 2008

Rape is widespread throughout Burundi, though many cases, remain unprosecuted. Women are often too afraid to even report the crime out of fear that their families and

Russia urged to respect artists' rights to freedom of expression

16 July 2008

Organizers of an exhibition in Moscow are charged with inciting hatred and denigration of human dignity because of some of the objects on show.

Turkey urged to respect LGBT people's right to freedom of association

18 November 2008

A local court in Istanbul ordered the closure of the Turkish lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender solidarity organization, Lambda Istanbul.

'Comfort Women': waiting for justice after 62 years

5 July 2008

Thousands of women known as ‘comfort women’, were forced into sexual servitude by the Government of Japan for sexual servitude for the armed forces in the

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