Bahrain teachers now prisoners of conscience

15 October 2012

Call on the Minister of Justice to ensure sentences are quashed and they are released immediately.

Prime Minister Monti: It’s time to end segregation and forced evictions of Roma in Italy

1 September 2012

Call on the Prime Minister of Italy to keep his word on ending the discrimination of Roma

30 years is too long to wait: justice for relatives and survivors of the El Calabozo massacre

22 August 2012

Take action to demand truth, justice and reparation for survivors and relatives.

End army abuses in Egypt

29 June 2012

Egypt’s military council must give up policing powers

Italy must sink agreements with Libya on migration control

20 June 2012

Italy signed a new agreement with Libya on migration control despite substantial public evidence that migrants, refugees and asylum-seekers are still subjected to serious abuses in Libya.

Urge the U.S. government to apologise to torture survivor Maher Arar

25 June 2012

Maher Arar was detained by U.S. authorities and transferred secretly to Syria, where he was held for a year and tortured

Fim às expulsões forçadas em África

1 March 2012

Todos os anos, milhares de famílias que vivem em cidades africanas são expulsas de suas casas pelas autoridades ou outros agentes sem salvaguardas que protejam os seus direitos humanos. Estas expulsões forçadas destroçam vidas.

Pressure the UN Security Council to protect civilians in Sudan

7 June 2012

Sudanese Armed Forces continue to indiscriminately bomb and deny humanitarian access to Southern Kordofan and Blue Nile

Unlock the truth: investigate government complicity in renditions and torture in Europe

26 May 2012

The European Parliament has the power to hold governments accountable for their role in the rendition and secret detention programmes. They are now working on a report that could do this.

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