Stop forced evictions in Africa

1 March 2012

Every year in African cities thousands of families are thrown out of their homes by the authorities or others without human rights safeguards. These forced evictions shatter lives.

Afghanistan: Urgent humanitarian assistance needed for displaced persons

17 February 2012

Displaced Afghans, fleeing war for the relative safety of cities, are facing misery in urban slums.

Israel: End use of administrative detention

17 February 2012

Khader Adnan started his hunger strike the day following his arrest from his home in the occupied West Bank  to protest his ill-treatment by the Israel Security Agency (ISA).

Russia: Help Stop the Bloodshed in Syria

9 February 2012

On 04 February 2012 Russia and China vetoed a rather weak draft UN Security Council resolution on Syria despite wide spread backing of the resolution by the other UN Security Council members.

End unfair trials in Egypt

22 January 2012

Egypt’s ruling army council must end military trials of civilians.

Guarantee human rights in Tunisia’s new constitution

13 January 2012

A new Tunisian constitution to be drafted by the National Constituent Assembly must guarantee human rights.

10 years on: End detentions at Guantánamo Bay

9 January 2012

Ten years ago the first detainees were transferred to the US naval base at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba. Today, more than 150 detainees remain there and are subjected to a series of human rights abuses.

Time for justice in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

19 December 2011

As the new Congolese government will take office shortly, you can use this opportunity to press for genuine reform of the justice system. Help persuade the President and the government to give victims of gross human rights violations justice, truth and reparations.

Protect women’s voices in Zimbabwe

1 December 2011

Members of the women's rights organization Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA) have repeatedly been arrested while taking part in peaceful demonstrations to protest the social, economic and human rights situation in Zimbabwe.

Call for release of Sudanese man held as part of “war on terror”

1 December 2011

Sudanese national Hamad al-Neyl Abu Kassawy has been held without charge or trial since his arrest in Medina, Saudi Arabia, in June 2004. His family heard nothing until February 2005, when a Saudi Arabian national who had visited a prison in Medina told them that Hamad al-Neyl Abu Kassawy was detained there.

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