22 August 2012
30 years is too long to wait: justice for relatives and survivors of the El Calabozo massacre

Survivors and relatives of victims of the 22 August 1982 El Calabozo massacre. From left to right; Felicita, Emma, Adriana, Jesús, Edelmira. El Salvador,  April 2012. © Amnesty International


30 years ago on 22 August 1982, by the banks of the river at El Calabozo in northern El Salvador, over 200 unarmed people were murdered in cold blood by Salvadoran soldiers.

The group of children, women and men had abandoned their homes as they tried to escape from a military operation where soldiers saw families of ordinary people as legitimate military targets. Caught in a heavy storm, they sheltered for the night by the river, planning to move on in the morning. They never got the chance.

The legal case opened by survivors and relatives after the conflict ended was closed a year later with no results - despite all the evidence and eye-witness testimonies. Since then, every time it has been re-opened it has faced a new obstacle. The case was last re-opened in 2006 but has still not progressed to trial, 30 years after the massacre itself took place.

We ask that you join the relatives and survivors of the El Calabozo massacre, and the “Madeleine Lagadec” Centre for the Promotion of Human Rights, in exerting pressure on the President of El Salvador to take action on this 30th anniversary. He has the ability to ensure that the families and survivors see truth, justice and reparation in their lifetime.

When you sign the action below an email will be sent directly to President Funes letting him know that 30 years is too long to wait and that the time for justice is now.

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