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Posted 16:42 (GMT) May 31, 2013


Today U2 and Hard Rock International are supporting and celebrating the birthday of Amnesty International with a limited edition Hard Rock International U2 Signature Series T Shirt. 

In this new video, Bono salutes Amnesty saying, “It’s Amnesty International’s Birthday! Amnesty was formed because two Portuguese students were imprisoned for seven years for toasting to freedom. Happy Birthday to Amnesty International!” 

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The limited edition U2 Signature Series T-shirt ($26) is available in selected Hard Rock Cafés, Hard Rock Hotels and Casinos as well as online at, with 15% of the retail price going to Amnesty International in support of the organization’s human rights campaigns worldwide. You can buy yours here:  

“The support of world renowned artists like U2 has had a huge impact on awareness of our human rights work during our 52 year history and we are very grateful for the continued strength of U2’s support,” said Thomas Schultz-Jagow, Senior Director of Campaigns and Communications at Amnesty International.  “Anyone buying one of these unique t-shirts can enjoy knowing that they are helping to stand up against human rights abuses all over the world.” 

The shirt is printed on a navy blue EDUN LIVE T-shirt manufactured in Africa from 100% African cotton and is available in men’s sizes. It features an image of an electric guitar with angel wings, emblazoned with the words “Justice,” “Humanity” and “Equality.” A barbed wire is seen wrapped around the neck of the guitar. The back of the T-Shirt bears the signatures of each member of U2 including singer Bono, guitarist The Edge, bassist Adam Clayton and drummer Larry Mullen, Jr. 

Events are being held at Hard Rock Cafes across the world to celebrate Amnesty International’s birthday on May 28 th .  A DVD and companion CD titled “Get Up! Stand Up!” presenting highlights of Amnesty International’s historic “Human Rights Concerts”  – (which includes performances by U2, Bruce Springsteen, Sting, Peter Gabriel and Radiohead among 30 artists)– is also being released to mark the organization’s 52 nd  birthday.  (Amnesty will be releasing a comprehensive five-disc DVD box-set of the “Human Rights Concerts” this October.) 


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