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Posted 16:50 (GMT) November 11, 2011

Portishead to release 'Chase the tear' as limited edition vinyl for Amnesty


We're thrilled that Portishead are releasing a single called 'Chase the Tear', with all earnings going to fund Amnesty's human rights work.

The five-minute track was previously only available as a download, but is set for a full international release on limited edition 12” vinyl on XL Recordings on 14 November. The vinyl comes backed with a new version of the song by Toronto band Doldrums ( The record will also come with a code to download the MP3 version. 

The vinyl release will be available to buy online from Rough Trade and Piccadilly Records as well as the usual record stores and at Portishead live shows.

'Chase the Tear' was originally released in download-only form on 10 December 2009 (International Human Rights Day), with earnings to be donated indefinitely to Amnesty’s human rights work. When released in 2009 this had been the band's first release for years, generating a great deal of profile for Amnesty as fans all rushed to buy the track.

Check out a video of the band performing the song on the US television show Late Night With Jimmy Fallon on 5 October on the Pitchfork website:

'Chase the Tear’ is a reference to a paper tear-style “tear”, not a tear from an eye.

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