Conflict in the Central African Republic
A Muslim exodus of historic proportions is taking place before our eyes, leaving civilians in desperate need for protection and humanitarian assistance. Urge the UN Security Council to deploy effective short-term measures immediately and a strong UN Peacekeeping operation as quickly as possible.
My body my rights
We all have the right to make our own choices about our bodies and our lives - yet all over the world, people's sexual and reproductive rights are being denied on a daily basis.
Venezuela Protests: human rights at risk, people at risk
Venezuela seems to be on the brink of an abyss. Since the beginning of February 2014, the country has been shaken up by violence triggered by demonstrations pro and against the government in some parts of the country. This has led to over 37 deaths, over 500 injured and over 2,000 arrests. Human rights violations and abuses in the context of protests must stop.
Security with Human Rights
Governments all around the world - from Sri Lanka to Russia; from India to Saudi Arabia - use the threat of terrorism to undermine human rights, often through torturing people, holding them without charge or trial, and making them 'disappear'.
Abolish the Death Penalty
Thousands of people around the world are waiting for governments to kill them. Amnesty International is campaigning to end these killings. Join our global campaign to end all executions - a global abolition of the death penalty.
Individuals at Risk
Amnesty's Individuals at Risk campaign strives to protect those directly experiencing human rights abuses. Working for the rights of individuals has been at the heart of all we do since 1961.
Control Arms
The unregulated global arms trade inflicts misery worldwide. Every year thousands of people are killed, injured, raped and forced to flee their homes as a result.

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