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Egypt: Stop forced evictions and consult slum-dwellers to resolve housing crisis

23 August 2011

Egyptian authorities are failing to respect the rights of millions of slum-dwellers, who face being made homeless by forced evictions.

Romania legal system condemning Roma to poor housing

23 June 2011

Romania's inadequate housing laws coupled with widespread intolerance mean local authorities openly discriminate against Roma.

Slovenia urged to provide housing and water for Roma

16 March 2011

A new Amnesty International report shows how continuing discrimination means that Romani families are denied adequate housing and basic public services.

Newborn deaths at Zimbabwe settlement must be investigated

2 December 2010

A new Amnesty International report details how limited access to healthcare and appalling living conditions has resulted in a very high level of newborn deaths at a settlement near Harare.

Nicaragua must put an end to rape and sexual abuse of girls

25 November 2010

The Nicaraguan authorities must eradicate rape and widespread sexual abuse of girls, Amnesty International has said in a new report.

Barriers prevent Indonesian women from achieving reproductive health

4 November 2010

Many Indonesian women and girls struggle to achieve reproductive health in the face of discriminatory laws, policies and practices, a new report by Amnesty International says.

Over 200,000 Nigerians at risk of losing their homes

28 October 2010

The Nigerian authorities must suspend a series of planned demolitions and evictions in waterfront areas of Port Harcourt that will leave over 200,000 people at risk of homelessness.

Nigeria must investigate Bundu shooting

11 October 2010

A new Amnesty International report details how in October 2009, security forces opened fire on a crowd of people peacefully protesting against the proposed demolition of their homes in Port Harcourt.

Slovak government urged to end segregation for Romani children

2 September 2010

A new Amnesty International briefing points to serious gaps in the enforcement and monitoring of the ban on discrimination and segregation in the Slovak educational system.

Fear of attack leaves Kenyan women prisoners in their homes

7 July 2010

Women and girls in Nairobi’s slums live under the constant threat of sexual violence, leaving them often too scared to leave their houses to use communal toilet and bathroom facilities.

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