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Russia: End persecution of activists in Chechnya

15 December 2014

Russian authorities should act to end a campaign of intimidation and harassment against human rights defenders in Chechnya, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch said today after the office of a local human rights group was burned down. 

Yemen: Investigate killing of activist at peaceful protest

15 December 2014

The Yemeni authorities must investigate the killing of a political activist shot dead by security forces during a peaceful protest in the southern city of Aden.

Daniel Quintero: ‘We should be free of this now’

13 December 2014

Daniel Quintero, a 21-year old student from Venezuela, never imagined that he would end up being tortured after going to an anti-goverment demonstration. He tells us what happened, and how he is doing now.

Dr Mohammed al-Roken - It takes an extraordinary person ...

12 December 2014

Lawyer Mohammed al-Roken was jailed for 10 years in July 2013, following a huge crackdown on political and human rights activists in the United Arab Emirates. We talked to three people who have worked alongside him and know him as a courageous, extraordinary defender of human rights. 

Afghanistan: ‘Reprehensible’ attacks underscore urgent need to protect civilians

12 December 2014

The recent wave of attacks on civilians by the Taliban and other armed groups in Afghanistan are reprehensible acts which underscore the new Afghan government’s urgent responsibility to protect the right to life.

John Jeanette Solstad Remø: Open secret

11 December 2014

Submarine captain John Remø was careful to hide all the evidence, stashing the women’s clothes in the cellar. It would take another 30 years before the secret was out in the open.

CAR: Failure to effectively investigate war crimes fuels further atrocities and fear

11 December 2014

The failure of the Central African Republic authorities and the United Nations to effectively investigate war crimes is perpetuating the cycle of violence and fear in the country, Amnesty International said in a report today. 

Liu Ping: Jailed for 'picking quarrels and provoking troubles'

10 December 2014

An act of kindness transformed Liu Ping from a factory worker into a passionate anti-corruption activist in China. Her daughter, Liao Minyue, tells their story.

Juan Mendez: The torturers’ worst nightmare

10 December 2014

On the 30th anniversary of the adoption of the Convention against Torture, the man in charge of pushing states to stamp out the despicable practice, a torture survivor himself, looks back at his harrowing experience and the challenges facing the global fight against torture.

Brazil: Five decades on, a key step towards truth and justice for dictatorship’s crimes

10 December 2014

Today’s presentation of the final report of Brazil’s National Truth Commission marks an historic step in the country’s efforts to obtain justice for crimes against humanity and other violations during the military dictatorship.

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