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Singapore must release British author of death penalty book

19 July 2010

Alan Shadrake was arrested for criminal defamation after he published a book critical of the country's use of the death penalty.

Uganda forcibly returns 1,700 Rwandan asylum-seekers

16 July 2010

Armed police officers round people up at refugee settlements in the south west of the country and force them on to trucks back to Rwanda. 

North Korea's crumbling health system in dire need of aid

15 July 2010

Amputation and other major surgeries carried out without anaesthesia are just one indication of the dire state of North Korea’s healthcare system.

Justice urged for Russian human rights defender's murder

15 July 2010

A year ago, Natalia Estemirova of the Russian Human Rights Centre Memorial was abducted outside her home in Grozny in the Chechen Republic and killed.

Nairobi settlement residents tell of forced eviction misery

15 July 2010

Residents and market traders from the Kabete NITD slum in Nairobi have told Amnesty International how local authorities destroyed their homes and livelihoods, leaving many struggling to survive.

Starving North Koreans forced to survive on diet of grass and tree bark

15 July 2010

Crippling food shortages exacerbated by government policies in North Korea have caused widespread illness as thousands are forced to survive on so-called "wild foods" such as grass and tree bark.

Hundreds made homeless by mass forced eviction in Kenya

15 July 2010

Amnesty International has called on the Kenyan authorities to halt the forced evictions in a Nairobi settlement that have left hundreds of families homeless and destitute.

Argentina legalizes same-sex marriage

15 July 2010

The new legislation, passed by the senate this week, makes the country the first in Latin America to take this landmark step.

Egypt releases Bedouin rights activist

14 July 2010

Musaad Abu Fagr was detained without trial for almost three years over protests against the demolition of homes in the Sinai Peninsula.

Tunisia urged to end subversion of groups critical of the authorities

13 July 2010

The Tunisian authorities should end their subversion of human rights organizations and dissenting groups by infiltrating them and provoking turmoil, Amnesty International has said.

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