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11 July 2008

MEDIA ADVISORY - Thousands to call for positive Olympics legacy in global aerial art events

On the eve of the anniversary of Beijing being granted the 2008 Olympics, thousands of Amnesty International supporters in over 20 locations across the world will team up on 12 July 2008 with Circle Up Now to create visual representations of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), as a reminder to the Chinese authorities of their human rights promises.

“The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Olympic values aspire to a world where the dignity and fundamental rights of all individuals are respected without discrimination,” said Amnesty International. "Seven years ago, the Chinese authorities promised the Olympics would bring improvement for people’s human rights but instead repression of activists and journalists has continued because of the Olympics."

“We are circling up in solidarity with human rights activists in China who have been silenced and cleared out of sight as the Games draw closer. We urge thousands of people to join together across the world to remind the Chinese authorities of their promises,” said Circle Up Now.

From Kathmandu to Tel-Aviv and Mexico, thousands of people will join together to form images of words such as “Freedom”, ”Dignity” and “Justice” representing the principles of the UDHR.  In Athens – where the central event will take place -- Amnesty International’s supporters will call on the Chinese authorities to deliver a positive human rights legacy for the Beijing Olympics.

The UDHR was adopted by UN member states on 10 December 1948. This aerial art event is one of a series of activities that Amnesty International is organizing in the run-up to the 60th anniversary to celebrate the UDHR and focus on what must be done to make human rights a reality.

When: Saturday 12 July 10:00 Local Time (10:00 GMT)
Where: Place de la Nation
Contact: Ouedraogo Christian +226 78 21 36 56

Where:  Baudha, Jorpati.
When: 12:00 Local Time (06:45am GMT) (pending on the weather) 
Contact: Rameshwar Nepal +977 4364 706 / +977 4365 431

When: Saturday 12 July 14:00 Local time (06:00 GMT)
Where: Hsyin-Yi Plaza
Contact: Gin-Huey Yang +886 972096860

When: Saturday 12 July 20:00 Local time (Sunday 13 July 01:00 GMT)
Where: Plaza de las Tres Culturas
Contact: Charlotte Maurier +52 55 56 87 60 10

When: Saturday 12 July 17:00 (14:00 GMT)
Where: Archaeological Site of Pnyx, Metro Acropolis or Thysio.
Contact: Anna Botsoglou + 30 210 36 00 628

When: Saturday 12 July 12.30pm Local Time (10:30 GMT)
Where: Engelsmanplaat, at low tide near the watch tower
Contact for media: Yvette Hoogerwerf +31 207 733 669

When: Saturday 12 July 09:30am Local Time (08:30 GMT)
Where: The Scoop, City Hall.
Contact: Josefina Salomon +44 207 413 5562 M: +44 7778 472 116

When: Saturday 12 July 18:00 Local Time (15:00 GMT)
Where:  Suzanne Dellal Centre
Contact: Vered Cohen-Barzilay +972 3 525 0005

For a full list of actions in over 25 locations -- including Helsinki, Karnataka, Kerala, Imphal (Manipur), New Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Aligarh (Uttar Pradesh), Uttaranchal, Jalpaiguri (West Bengal), Florence, Bamako, Guadalaraja, Warsaw, Seoul, Malmoe, Berne, Lomé and Washington DC --, please see:

Note to editors
High resolution photos of the aerial art images created in over 25 locations across the world will be available from Saturday 12 July on: (password: dayofaction)

For more information about Amnesty International’s campaign for a positive human rights legacy, please see:

For more information about “Circle Up Now” projects, please see:

For more details about any of the activities or to organize interviews, please contact:
Amnesty International – Josefina Salomon, P: +44 207 413 5562, M: +44 7778 472 116,

Circle Up Now – Nicole Hamze P: +1 888 461 8881,


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