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3 July 2008

Olympics: AI’s actions for a positive human rights legacy for the Games

Tens of thousands of Amnesty International members around the world will participate in public actions in the run-up to the Beijing Olympics to call on the Chinese authorities to fulfil the commitments they made to improve human rights as part of hosting the Olympics.

“The Olympic Games provides a great opportunity to further human rights, to improve the lives of all in China. It is up to the authorities to decide how the Games will be remembered, “said Amnesty International.

The actions will include:

08 – Month run up to Olympics: Amnesty International will issue an Open Letter addressed to Chinese President Hu Jintao with five recommendations to improve human rights in China before the Olympics.

12 - Eve of anniversary of Beijing being granted the Olympic Games (on 13 July 2001) – Amnesty International will organize an aerial art stunt in Athens with Circle Up Now. This will be part of a series of similar aerial art events to take place in over 20 locations across the world.

26 - Ye Guozhu [jailed housing rights activist] expected release

25 - Shi Tao’s [jailed journalist] and Hu Jia’s [human rights activist] birthdays (more information on:

29 - 10 day countdown to Beijing Olympics - Amnesty International will issue an updated fact sheet with the organization’s key human rights concerns regarding China, looking at areas such as attacks against human rights activists, unfair trials, press freedom and the use of the death penalty.

02-03 IOC Executive Board Meeting, Beijing

05-07 120th IOC session, Beijing

08-24 – Beijing Summer Olympics

06-15 - Paralympics

Amnesty International’s experts are available for interviews in English, French, Spanish and Chinese in London and Hong Kong.

For more information or to organize an interview, please contact:

Josefina Salomon, press officer, Phone: +44 207 413 5562, M: +44 7778 472 116,

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