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Political prisoner release should prompt continued pressure on Myanmar

14 October 2011

Three prisoners of conscience for whom Amnesty International has campaigned for years have been released.

Ugandan gay rights activist wins top human rights award

13 October 2011

Ugandan LGBT activist Kasha Jacqueline Nabagesera has been awarded the 2011 Martin Ennals Award for Human Rights Defenders.

Syrian woman activist wins human rights award

7 October 2011

Razan Zaitouneh, who was forced into hiding after defying the Syrian authorities' crackdown on dissent, has won the 2011 Anna Politkovskaya Award.

Paraguay to restore Indigenous community’s ancestral lands

29 September 2011

After many years of campaigning, an Indigenous community in Paraguay is closer to moving back to their traditional lands.

Malaysia to repeal law used to stifle dissent

16 September 2011

Prime Minister Najib Razak plans to repeal the Internal Security Act, which allows the authorities to detain people indefinitely without charge or trial.

Freedom for Kenyan activist charged over Uganda bombing

12 September 2011

The release of Al-Amin Kimathi, held for a year in connection with a bomb attack during the 2010 World Cup final, is long overdue.

Freed Libyan prisoner of conscience hails Amnesty International

5 September 2011

Jamal al-Hajji, a long-term critic of Colonel Mu’ammar al-Gaddafi, thanks Amnesty International for working on his case.

USA: Lawyers successful in moving boy’s murder trial to juvenile court

26 August 2011

A US trial court has transferred a murder trial involving a 13-year-old to juvenile court, avoiding a possible violation of international law.

Benin closer to abolishing the death penalty

19 August 2011

Benin is about to abolish the death penalty, joining countries worldwide that have ratified a treaty to end capital punishment.

Malaysia frees activists detained under emergency law

29 July 2011

The activists, known as the E06, were arrested in relation to an electoral reform rally and held without charge for a month

Orissa high court rejects Vedanta refinery expansion

19 July 2011

Court upholds government decision to reject plans for the expansion of the Lanjigarh refinery finding that the project violated the country's environmental laws.

Landmark ECHR ruling recognizes right to conscientious objection

7 July 2011

A court has found in favour of a Jehovah's Witness in Armenia who received a prison sentence for refusing to do military service.

Uruguay removes block on investigating military rule abuses

1 July 2011

Uruguay finally has a green light to investigate dozens of cases of human rights abuses from its period of military rule three decades ago.

Iran human rights activist speaks after release

21 June 2011

Emadeddin Baghi, one of Iran's most outspoken human rights activists, was released on Monday.

Russian human rights defender not guilty of slander charges

14 June 2011

Oleg Orlov had said the Chechen President was responsible for the murder of rights defender Natalia Estemirova.

Angola rehouses victims of forced evictions

10 June 2011

Hundreds of people in Luanda whose homes were demolished between 2004 and 2006 are to be rehoused from September.

Jailed Azerbaijani journalist pardoned

26 May 2011

A prominent dissident journalist has been pardoned in Azerbaijan after a global campaign called for his release.

Brazil Supreme Court recognizes same-sex civil unions

6 May 2011

Ruling gives same-sex couples same rights as married heterosexuals.

Indian human rights activist Binayak Sen to be released on bail

15 April 2011

The doctor has spent 100 days in prison as part of a politically motivated life sentence on sedition and conspiracy charges.

Jammu and Kashmir releases 14-year-old boy held without charge

5 April 2011

Faizan Rafiq Hakeem was detained for over a month under the controversial Jammu and Kashmir Public Safety Act (PSA).

Nigerian president signs landmark human rights bill

29 March 2011

A key human rights bill passed by Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan can help tackle abuses in the country.

UN to monitor human rights situation in Iran

25 March 2011

The decision comes amid concern at mass human rights violations committed during an ongoing crackdown on dissent and an increased use of the death penalty.

Illinois abolishes the death penalty

10 March 2011

Illinois will become the 16th state in the USA to ban capital punishment when the law signed by Governor Quinn comes into effect on 1 July.

Morocco frees arbitrarily detained former military officer

4 March 2011

Former colonel Kaddour Terhzaz was sentenced to 12 years in jail after he wrote to the country's monarch complaining about the treatment of former air force pilots.

Iraqi police officer held without charge is freed

7 January 2011

Qusay 'Abdel-Razaq Zabib was detained for over two years because he was suspected of having links to armed groups.

Zimbabwe court acquits LGBT activist

17 December 2010

Charges have been dropped against Ellen Chademana, an employee at the NGO Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe.

Gambia frees opposition leader

16 December 2010

A former Gambian opposition leader who was the subject of an Amnesty International letter writing campaign has been released early.

Landmark enforced disappearances convention to enter into force

25 November 2010

The treaty will enter into force on 23 December, after Iraq became the 20th country to ratify it.

Indian government's decision to reject Vedanta refinery expansion welcomed

22 October 2010

The Ministry of Environment and Forests has rejected the proposed expansion, finding that it violated environmental laws.

Moldova commits to international justice

14 October 2010

The country has become the 114th to commit to tackling gross human rights violations by ratifying the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.

Ethiopia releases opposition leader

6 October 2010

Birtukan Mideksa, head of the Unity for Democracy and Justice Party, was freed after serving 21 months of a life sentence.

Peru revokes law denying justice for victims of past crimes

15 September 2010

President García to repeal a decree which could grant amnesties to military personnel alleged to have committed abuses during the 1980 – 2000 internal conflict.

Mexican indigenous rights activist released after two years in prison

31 August 2010

Amnesty International has welcomed the release of a Mexican indigenous human rights activist who was imprisoned for over two years on a fabricated murder charge.

Slovak government commits to end segregated education

11 August 2010

Slovakia's new coalition government commits to taking measures to eliminate segregation in education on ethnic lines.

Belarus frees conscientious objector

28 July 2010

Yevgeny Yakovenko, who refuses to carry arms because of his pacifist convictions, was amnestied by a panel of judges.

Turkey ends prosecution of child demonstrators under anti-terror laws

23 July 2010

Amendments made by Parliament mean that children previously convicted under anti-terrorism legislation will have their convictions quashed.

Argentina legalizes same-sex marriage

15 July 2010

The new legislation, passed by the senate this week, makes the country the first in Latin America to take this landmark step.

Egypt releases Bedouin rights activist

14 July 2010

Musaad Abu Fagr was detained without trial for almost three years over protests against the demolition of homes in the Sinai Peninsula.

Indonesian prisoner of conscience jailed for raising flag is released

8 July 2010

Amnesty International today welcomed the release of a prisoner of conscience imprisoned in Papua for his role in a peaceful flag-raising protest.

Ecuador first to ratify new UN mechanism to enforce economic, social and cultural rights

16 June 2010

Other countries urged to follow suit to ensure justice for all whose rights are violated and who are denied an effective remedy in their own countries.

Swiss businessman held in Libya returns home

15 June 2010

Max Goeldi served a four month prison sentence and had been the subject of a two year travel ban as a result of a diplomatic row between the two countries.

Turkish officials convicted over activist's death

2 June 2010

Amnesty International has welcomed the conviction of 19 Turkish officials found guilty of causing the death of a political activist in a landmark torture case.

City officials convicted over deadly Cairo rockslide

28 May 2010

Amnesty International has welcomed the holding to account of eight Cairo city officials convicted of negligence over the deaths of at least 119 people in a rockslide that hit a Cairo slum in September 2008.

UK agrees to compensate man wrongly accused of terrorism

27 April 2010

Lotfi Raissi was released in 2002 after 'no evidence at all' was found to support allegations that he trained the hijackers of airplanes used in the attacks on the US on 11 September 2001.

Philippine court overturns ban on gay political party

22 April 2010

The lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) political party, Ang Ladlad, will be allowed to contest in May's national elections for the first time.

Libyan prisoner of conscience Jamal el-Haji released

15 April 2010

The writer was acquitted of charges of insulting the judicial authorities, after more than four months in detention.

Philippines move to protect women's rights during armed conflict

31 March 2010

The government has launched a National Action Plan on Women Peace and Security.

Egypt releases blogger facing trial by military court

9 March 2010

Ahmed Mostafa was facing jail after he after he published a post alleging nepotism within the armed forces.

Ukraine releases Belarusian opposition activist

4 February 2010

Igor Koktysh had been held in a pre-trial detention centre since June 2007,  when Belarus requested his extradition.

Mongolia announces moratorium on executions

14 January 2010

Amnesty International has welcomed President Tsakhia Elbegdorj's move as an important development toward full abolition of the death penalty.

Jailed Sri Lankan journalist released on bail

12 January 2010

JS Tissainayagam was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment on terrorism charges last year, after criticizing the government.

Mexican Indigenous man detained after unfair trial is freed

6 January 2010

Ricardo Ucán Ceca served almost 10 years of a 22-year sentence before he was released last month.

Sahrawi human rights activist returns home after hunger strike

18 December 2009

Aminatou Haidar, a Sahrawi activist who has spent the past month on hunger strike, has returned home and been reunited with her children.

Disappearances treaty edges closer to entering into force

15 December 2009

A landmark treaty on enforced disappearances has moved a step closer to entering into force after being ratified by two more countries.

Russia moves one step closer to death penalty abolition

20 November 2009

Amnesty International has welcomed a decision by Russia's Constitutional Court that brings the country a step closer to abolishing the death penalty.

Tunisia releases prisoners held over Gafsa protests

6 November 2009

Sixty-eight people held in connection with protests against unemployment and high living costs in the resource-rich Gafsa region have been released.

Iranian refugees released from detention in Turkey

27 October 2009

Two Iranian refugees who were refused access to the asylum system in Turkey and unlawfully detained for more than a year have been released.

Mongolian death row inmate receives pardon

15 October 2009

Mongolian prisoner Buuveibaatar has had his death sentence commuted after being granted a pardon by the country's President, Ts. Elbegdorj.

Iran execution postponement move welcomed

5 October 2009

Amnesty International has welcomed a move by the Iranian authorities to postpone the execution of an Afghan national accused of commiting a murder while still a child.

Governments sign up to defend economic, social and cultural rights

24 September 2009

Twenty states began signing an international agreement to address violations of economic, social and cultural rights at the United Nations in New York on Thursday.

Freedom for Indigenous Mexican woman wrongly imprisoned for three years

17 September 2009

Amnesty International welcomes the release of Mexican prisoner of conscience Jacinta Francisco Marcial.

Six Gambian journalists released

4 September 2009

The six had been sentenced on 6 August to a mandatory sentence of two years’ imprisonment and fined 250,000 Dalasis (US$10,000) for defamation and sedition.

Chile issues arrest warrants against at least 120 Pinochet agents

3 September 2009

Chilean Judge Victor Montiglio issued the arrest warrants against the agents in relation to a number of security operations that targeted opponents of Augusto Pinochet during the 1970s.

Death row prisoners freed in Nigeria

26 August 2009

One of Nigeria's most influential states has taken an important step towards abolition of the death penalty by pardoning and releasing three condemned prisoners.

General during Argentina's military dictatorship sentenced to life in prison

14 August 2009

Santiago Omar Riveros, who ran a detention centre, was found guilty of torturing and beating to death a 15 year old boy. He is also accused of over 40 crimes against humanity involving victims of the era's so-called "disappeared".

Zimbabwe student leaders released on bail

10 August 2009

Four student leaders arrested and detained last week while addressing students at the University of Zimbabwe, Harare, have been released.

4000 Kenyans on death row get life

5 August 2009

More than 4,000 prisoners facing execution in Kenya had their sentences commuted to life imprisonment on Monday in the largest commutation in history, news sources reported.

Safety for Brazilian activist after Amnesty International action

23 July 2009

A Brazilian organization has thanked Amnesty International after an action by the organization brought safety to a peasant farmer and land rights activist.

Czech Republic commits to international justice

22 July 2009

The Czech Republic finally ratified the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court on Tuesday.

Wife of Guantánamo detainee released in Syria

22 July 2009

Usra al-Hussein’s imprisonment for almost a year, may have been related to her efforts to communicate with an international organization regarding the detention conditions of her husband.

Palestinian prisoner released in Lebanon

15 July 2009

A Palestinian imprisoned for 15 years for a murder he has always denied committing was released on Monday after being granted a presidential pardon.

Thirty Rio police to be charged with homicide

7 July 2009

An investigation into 20 deaths by Rio de Janeiro's Public Prosecutors Office has implicated the officers in the formation of a death squad and unlawful killings.

India's ruling against 'sodomy' laws is first step to equality

3 July 2009

A Delhi high court has decided to decriminalize homosexuality. The ruling overturns a 19th century British colonial law.

Togo: Fifteenth country in Africa to abolish the death penalty

23 June 2009

Togo has decided to abolish the death penalty following a unanimous vote by the national assembly.

Indian doctor Binayak Sen released from prison on bail

26 May 2009

Dr Binayak Sen, who spent two years in an Indian prison as a Prisoner of Conscience, was released on Tuesday after being granted bail by the Supreme Court.

Remaining political prisoners freed in Zimbabwe

14 May 2009

The remaining three of 18 political and human rights activists who were re-detained in Zimbabwe last week have all been released on bail.

Roxana Saberi released from jail in Iran

12 May 2009

US-Iranian journalist Roxana Saberi was released from jail in Iran on Monday following international and domestic protests at her detention.

Over 20,000 sign petition for Greek trade unionist

11 May 2009

A Greek government minister has pledged to secure justice for trade unionist Konstantina Kouneva after 22,000 people signed a petition to support her.

Three activists released in Malaysia

11 May 2009

The Malaysian authorities released three human rights activists from the Hindu Rights Action Force on Saturday 9 May. 

Zimbabwean human rights and political activists released

6 May 2009

Fifteen of the eighteen Zimbabwean human rights and political activists who were re-detained yesterday have now been released on bail, though three remain in custody

Prime Minister of Kurdistan Region of Iraq commits to human rights

23 April 2009

Nechirvan Barzani promised to make the security forces accountable for cases of arbitrary detention, torture, enforced disappearances and other ill-treatment.

Last of activists abducted in December released by Zimbabwe's authorities

20 April 2009

The last three political prisoners who were abducted by state agents in Zimbabwe in December 2008 were released on bail on Friday.

Azerbaijan journalist pardoned after almost three years in prison

16 April 2009

Sakit Zahidov was considered a prisoner of conscience. It is thought that he was imprisoned to silence his critical reporting of the authorities.

Bahrain King orders release of political prisoners

14 April 2009

The authorities in Bahrain released all 178 political prisoners on Sunday after they were pardoned by the King of Bahrain.

Taiwan signs up for human rights

9 April 2009

Taiwan’s legislature has ratified two of the most important international conventions for the development of human rights.

UN provides welcome support to Bangladesh war crimes investigations

7 April 2009

The government of Bangladesh has sought and received UN assistance in its efforts to investigate and prosecute crimes against humanity and other serious violations o

Gambia releases opposition leader

23 March 2009

Halifa Sallah is believed to have been arrested for articles he wrote criticising the use of witch doctors by the Gambian government.

New Mexico abolishes the death penalty

19 March 2009

The Governor of New Mexico signed into law a bill, abolishing the death penalty in his state, on Wednesday evening.

Charges dropped against four Indigenous activists, one remains imprisoned

18 March 2009

Authorities in Mexico have dropped the charges against four Indigenous human rights defenders who have been imprisoned for nearly a year.

Charges dropped against Azerbaijani activist

5 March 2009

The Azerbaijani authorities have dropped a defamation suit against a prominent human rights defender.

Kurdish women's rights activist released in Iran

27 February 2009

Kurdish student Hana Abdi was released from prison on Thursday after spending nearly 16 months in detention.

Political prisoners set free in Myanmar

24 February 2009

Twenty-four political prisoners have been set free in Myanmar after the government announced that it would release 6,313 prisoners. 

Binyam Mohamed released from Guantánamo

24 February 2009

UK resident Binyam Mohamed has been released from detention in Guantánamo Bay and allowed to return to the UK.

Another hostage released in Colombia

6 February 2009

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) have set free a second hostage in a week with the release of regional deputy Sigifredo López.

More hostage releases in Colombia

4 February 2009

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) have released former governor Alan Jara, who had been held hostage by the guerrilla group since 2001.

Egyptian court overturns journalists' prison sentences

2 February 2009

Four Egyptian newspaper editors convicted of publishing offences under a controversial press law have had their one-year prison sentences overturned by a Cairo Appea

Human rights lawyer cleared in Indonesia

29 January 2009

A prominent human rights lawyer in Indonesia has been cleared of charges relating to a text message he is alleged to have sent to his friends and family contacts.

Mandatory death penalty ruled unconstitutional in Uganda

22 January 2009

The Supreme Court of Uganda has ruled however, that the death penalty per se remains constitutional.

Turkish LGBT organization wins appeal against closure

21 January 2009

The Turkish lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender solidarity organization, Lambda Istanbul, has won its appeal against the closure of the association.

Fifty-three death sentences commuted in Zambia

16 January 2009

The President of Zambia has commuted the death sentences of 53 prisoners to custodial sentences.

Death sentences commuted in Ghana – time for abolition

9 January 2009

The outgoing President of Ghana, John Kufuor, commuted all death sentences in the country.

Cambodian Supreme Court releases scapegoats of trade unionist's murder

5 January 2009

Two men wrongfully convicted of the murder of trade union leader Chea Vichea, have been released on bail after nearly five years in prison.

Growing calls for end to executions at UN

18 December 2008

Over one hundred countries voted overwhelmingly in favour of a second resolution on "Moratorium on the use of the death penalty" at the United Nations on T

Standing ovation for jailed Chinese dissident

17 December 2008

The European Parliament has honoured a jailed Chinese dissident in absentia with its top human rights award.

Amid new releases, government critic allowed to leave

15 December 2008

The Libyan authorities have allowed political reform activist Idriss Boufayed to travel to Switzerland to seek medical treatment for cancer.

Brazil's Supreme Court upholds rights of Indigenous Peoples

12 December 2008

A vote in Brazil’s Supreme Court on Wednesday upheld the rights of Indigenous Peoples in the reservation of Raposa Serra do Sol on the frontier between Brazil

Access to justice for all rights becomes a reality

11 December 2008

The international community has adopted a historic instrument that secures access to justice for everyone whose economic, social and cultural rights are violated and

The race for ratification of landmark cluster bomb ban

9 December 2008

Four countries have ratified the Convention on Cluster Munitions - which bans the production, stockpiling, use and export of cluster bombs. The treaty cannot take eff

African Commission calls for a moratorium on the death penalty

5 December 2008

In an important step towards making the African Union (AU) a totally death penalty-free zone, the African Commission calls on African States to observe a moratorium on

Landmark cluster bomb treaty signed in Oslo

3 December 2008

Ninety two states have signed the Convention on Cluster Munitions - which bans the production, stockpiling, use and export of cluster bombs.

South Africa pledges to make HIV and AIDS a priority

1 December 2008

To mark World AIDS Day on Monday, 1 December 2008, Amnesty International has welcomed signs of the South African government's change of direction.

Malaysian activist acquitted after 12 years of legal battles

24 November 2008

The Kuala Lumpur High Court acquitted a prominent migrant workers' rights activist on Monday.

UN reinforces call to end executions

20 November 2008

Over 100 countries have adopted a second United Nations resolution calling for a moratorium on the use of the death penalty.  

UN adopts key economic, social and cultural rights instrument

19 November 2008

The international community has taken a step towards strengthening human rights protection, particularly for the world's most marginalised.

Taiwan and South Korea call for 'comfort women' apology

18 November 2008

The Government of Japan must accept historical responsibility and apologise to the victims of Japan’s military sexual slavery system.

Malaysian court frees blogger

7 November 2008

Judge rules that the arrest of Raja Petra Kamarudin, under the Internal Security Act, was unconstitutional.

WOZA activists released on bail in Zimbabwe

6 November 2008

The leaders of Zimbabwean activist movement, Women of Zimbabwe Arise, have been released on bail after three weeks in detention.

Landslide UN vote in favour of developing an Arms Trade Treaty

4 November 2008

One hundred and forty-seven states voted overwhelmingly at the United Nations on Friday to move forward with work on the main elements of an Arms Trade Treaty.

Japan urged to restore dignity to WWII "comfort women"

3 November 2008

The UN Human Rights Committee has called on the Government of the Japan to restore dignity to the survivors of Japan’s military sexual slavery system.

Chuckie Taylor convicted of torture

31 October 2008

The son of former Liberian president Charles Taylor, could face between 20 years to life imprisonment for the crimes he committed in Liberia, while serving as the hea

Egyptian association for torture victims wins court case against closure

31 October 2008

A Cairo Administrative Court has rescinded the government’s decision to dissolve the Association for Human rights and Legal Aid.

Another stay of execution for Troy Davis

29 October 2008

Troy Davis was granted a provisional stay of execution on Friday, just three days before he was scheduled to be put to death.

European Parliament honours jailed Chinese activist

24 October 2008

Imprisoned Chinese activist Hu Jia has been awarded the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought by the European Parliament.

Contested land in Brazil handed to state

22 October 2008

Multinational Syngenta has given its experimental farm in Paraná state to the state government, ending a long standing violent conflict over the site.

Turkish government in landmark apology over death after custody

20 October 2008

The Turkish Minister of Justice has accepted the responsibility of the state in the case of Engin Çeber who died after being held at the Metris Prison in Ista

Iran to end child executions

17 October 2008

Iran has instructed all courts to stop issuing death sentences against juvenile offenders. However, it is not clear if the directive includes those convicted of murder

UK House of Lords rejects 42-day detention

13 October 2008

The House of Lords rejected proposals on Monday that would allow the period of pre-charge detention in terrorism cases to be extended up to 42 days. 

Libyan prisoner of conscience released

10 October 2008

Arrested for trying to organize a peaceful demonstration critical of the Libyan government, Idriss Boufayed has been released on humanitarian grounds, after being diag

Prominent Egyptian editor pardoned

8 October 2008

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has pardoned Ibrahim Eissa, who was charged with publishing information considered "damaging to the public interest and Egypt's

Moroccan blogger freed

18 September 2008

The Court of Appeal in Agadir, Morocco, has overturned the two-year sentence imposed on blogger Mohamed Erraji.

Argentina abolishes the death penalty

12 September 2008

This latest initiative paves the way for other countries to follow suit, and makes Argentina the sixth country to ratify all the human rights instruments of the inte

Eight Bahraini nationals released

13 August 2008

Eight male teachers were released without charge in Saudi Arabia on 12 July 2008, after over four months’ detention.

Major step forward in Paraguay's investigations into sexual slavery of girls

13 August 2008

Julia Ozorio Gamecho is the first woman to tell the Truth and Justice Commission about how she was sexually abused by the military during General Alfredo Stroessner's

Syrian prisoner of conscience freed

8 August 2008

The Syrian authorities unexpectedly released Dr. Aref Dalilah on Thursday following a presidential amnesty.

Tunisian journalist freed

22 July 2008

A Tunisian journalist has been released eight months after he was arrested.

UK Ministry of Defence agrees to compensate Iraqi torture victims

14 July 2008

The family of an Iraqi hotel receptionist who died after being tortured over a period of 36 hours while detained by UK troops in Basra, Iraq, will be paid compensati

Economic, social and cultural rights strengthened

19 June 2008

The United Nations Human Rights Council has adopted a new legal instrument to strengthen the protection of economic, social and cultural rights.

Activist released in Uzbekistan

5 June 2008

Uzbekistani human rights defender Mutabar Tadzhibaeva, who was sentenced to eight years in prison in 2006, was unexpectedly released on Monday, 2 June.

Russian authorities ruled responsible for Chechen women's disappearance

3 June 2008

European Court of Human Rights strongly supports allegations that Aminat Dugaeva and Kurbika Zinabdieva were abducted by Russian servicemen.

Cluster munitions treaty agreed in Dublin

30 May 2008

110 states have agreed a provisional text for a historic new Convention on Cluster Munitions, which is a treaty to ban the "Use, Production and Transfer of Clus

Pakistan ratifies key UN human rights treaty

18 April 2008

Iranian trade unionist freed

11 April 2008

A prominent trade unionist in Iran has been released from detention after serving a one-year prison sentence.

Royal pardon for Moroccan demonstrators

11 April 2008

Eight men convicted of undermining the monarchy in Morocco last year have been released after they were pardoned by the King. 

Activists released from prison in Ethiopia

31 March 2008

Two human rights activists have been released from prison in Ethiopia having been detained since November 2005.

Freedom for Moroccan jailed over Facebook profile

20 March 2008

A Moroccan who was jailed for creating a Facebook profile of a prince has been released from prison.

Guatemala disappearance trial begins

18 March 2008

Guatemala's first ever trial for enforced disappearances began last week.

Breakthrough in Canadian Indigenous rights flashpoint

14 March 2008

An Indigenous Canadian community’s longstanding campaign to stop clear-cut logging on its land has prompted a multinational paper company to stop buying wood f

Three Australians spared death penalty in Bali

6 March 2008

Three members of the so-called Bali Nine have had their death sentences reduced to life imprisonment following a judicial review by the Supreme Court. 

Cuba signs up for human rights

29 February 2008

Cuba signed two major human rights treaties at the UN in New York on Thursday.

FARC releases four more hostages

28 February 2008

Four more hostages have been released by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).

Early release for Belarusian newspaper journalist

27 February 2008

Alyaksandr Zdzvizhkou, a former deputy editor of a Belarusian newspaper, has been released early from prison.

Court win for man wrongly accused of terrorism

20 February 2008

A flight instructor wrongly accused of training the hijackers of planes used in the 11 September 2001 attacks in the USA has won his appeal.

Cuba releases imprisoned activists

18 February 2008

The Cuban authorities released four activists from prison over the weekend.

Australia apologises for abuses of Indigenous

13 February 2008

Australia's Prime Minister Kevin Rudd formally apologised to the Indigenous people who were members of the Stolen Generation and their families on Wednesday in Parli

Europe moves to protect trafficked people

1 February 2008

Europe has taken a further step towards protecting people who have been trafficked with the entry into force of a new convention.

Belarusian youth activist freed

25 January 2008

The Belarusian youth activist, Zmitser Dashkevich, has been released early from Sklou prison in Belarus.

Uzbekistan abolishes the death penalty

11 January 2008

FARC releases two high profile hostages

10 January 2008

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) released two of its high-profile hostages on Thursday.

Hungary to introduce protocol for rape victims and survivors

26 December 2007

The government of Hungary has agreed to develop a protocol for dealing with victims and survivors of sexual violence in the home. 

Breakthrough in battle for justice for ‘comfort women’

21 December 2007

A new resolution on survivors of Japan’s military sexual slavery system urges the Japanese government to acknowledge, apologize and compensate the victims.

US state abolishes death penalty

19 December 2007

The US state of New Jersey has joined the global trend towards the abolition of the death penalty.

Indigenous woman set free

5 December 2007

A prisoner of conscience and mother-of-five has been released from prison in Mexico after spending more than 18 months in custody.

Good News: Iranian student blogger freed

16 January 2007

Iranian student activist and blogger Kianoosh Sanjari has been released from prison after over two month's detention.

Algerian human rights lawyers acquitted

30 April 2007

Algerian human rights lawyers Hassiba Boumerdesi and Amine Sidhoum were acquitted of charges of violating laws governing the organization and security of prisons by a

Freed journalist donates prize to Amnesty International

26 October 2007

A former prisoner of conscience has thanked Amnesty International for helping secure her release from jail by donating a journalism award to the organization.

Amnesty International welcomes release of Alan Johnston

4 July 2007

The release of journalist Alan Johnston is welcome news for all those who campaigned over the last 114 days for his release. It is also good news for the people

Murat Kurnaz has been released from Guantánamo!

25 August 2006

Released from Guantánamo on 24 August 2006, Murat Kurnaz had been held for four years and eight months without charge or trial.

Internet dissident released in Viet Nam

12 June 2007

Internet dissident Nguyen Vu Binh has been released from prison after spending almost five years behind bars.

Prisoners of conscience set free in Ethiopia

23 July 2007

Ethiopia has released a large group of prisoners of conscience, just four days after sentencing them all to lengthy prison stretches.

Guantánamo: Freedom for UK resident Bisher al-Rawi

3 April 2007

Amnesty International welcomes the release from Guantánamo of Bisher al-Rawi. The UK resident was reunited with his family in the UK on 1 April after more than

Serbia: Maja Stojanović saved from imprisonment

2 August 2007

Rwanda abolishes death penalty

2 August 2007

Rwanda has become the latest country to abolish the death penalty, accelerating the worldwide trend towards ending capital punishment.

Cuba releases prisoner of conscience

22 August 2007

Cuba's longest serving prisoner of conscience has been conditionally released following more than 13 years in jail.

Libya frees foreign medics

24 July 2007

Six foreign medical workers have arrived in Bulgaria after being released from a Libyan jail, bringing an end to a tragic case that has been riddled with injustice.

Tunisian lawyer Mohammed Abbou released

31 July 2007

A Tunisian lawyer and 21 other long-term political prisoners were released under a presidential pardon on 24 July to mark the 50th anniversary of the Republic of Tunis

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