Women human rights defenders

16 November 2007

Women human rights defenders work for the protection of human rights, including access to health and educations, the rights of minorities and women's rights.

Women enrich and advance protection of human rights in totally unique ways both in the field of economic, social and cultural rights and civil and political rights.

Yet they also face discrimination, sexual abuse, derogatory accusations or baiting related specifically to their status as women.

Amnesty International is working to systematically document and highlight the special contribution of women human rights defenders. 

Key points

  • Women often face particular risks when campaigning for human rights because they may challenge and defy cultural or social beliefs.
  • Amnesty International believes that women human rights defenders sometimes need the greatest support to enable their voices to be heard and recognized.

What Amnesty International is doing

Amnesty International urges the authorities in Iran to allow women to protest without the fear of arrest. Women campaigning for gender equality face arrest and imprisonment for their part in peaceful demonstrations.

How you can help