Rights Education Action Programme (REAP)

Street theatre during an AI Morocco event on the third Day for Darfur.

Street theatre during an AI Morocco event on the third Day for Darfur.

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The Rights Education Action Programme (REAP) is a 10 year-long international human rights education initiative led by Amnesty International Norway. The programme built on the successes and lessons learned of the Teaching for Freedom program in the 1990’s and is supported by funds from the Norwegian 1999 National Broadcasting (NRK) Telethon.

Thirteen Amnesty International national offices have developed human rights education projects under REAP, with ten long-term projects implemented in Morocco, Poland, South Africa, Thailand, Israel, Turkey, Slovenia, Moldova, Russia and Malaysia. In addition, Mexico, India and Argentina implemented short-term projects.

What is REAP?

On the basis of an assessment of local needs, challenges and opportunities in each participating country, REAP project partners addressed specific human rights issues through human rights education. These issues included women's rights, economic, social and cultural rights, children's rights, legal rights, freedom of expression, discrimination and xenophobia.

At the core of REAP is the training of human rights education “multipliers”  – individuals who, through their roles or positions in society, are able to influence a larger audience or groups of people. Through REAP, project partners create positive human rights impact and contribute to Amnesty International’s aim to build a human rights culture worldwide.

REAP Impact

As a result of REAP, thousands of people have been educated and empowered to stand up for their human rights and the rights of others. Methodologies in integrating human rights into formal education have brought human rights to the classroom, new human rights education materials have been produced and in some REAP countries, we have worked with governments to integrate human rights into the school curriculum.

Amnesty International has partnered with non-governmental organizations and community based organizations, empowering people within their communities and engaging youth in human rights activism. Through REAP, Amnesty International has been able to reach out to and engage new audiences in human rights education such as marginalized communities, religious leaders, and law enforcements officials.

Human rights education multipliers have been trained and sustained through supportive human rights education networks, which facilitate capacity building and the sharing of good practice.

REAP is a unique long term human rights education project, allowing Amnesty International to build capacity in human rights education, develop good cooperation and partnerships with local NGOs and government authorities, and create a network of human rights education multipliers who are able to create positive human rights impact in their local communities.

Find out more about the programme from Amnesty International Norway.

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