Human Rights Education Network

Amnesty International has a dynamic global human rights education network comprised of over 120 members carrying out human rights education in over 70 countries. Teams from the MENA Regional Office, the Africa HRE Project and the Rights Education Action Programme are all part of the AI International HRE Network.

Amnesty International’s human rights education work is with people from all age groups and backgrounds in formal, non-formal and informal education sectors, and in partnership with NGOs, with government authorities, with artists and educators, in cities and rural locations, nationally, regionally and internationally.

Aims of the AI International Human Rights Education Network:

  • Sharing HRE good practice and lessons learnt
  • Sharing HRE resources and materials across the Amnesty International
  • Building the capacity of AI HRE actors to conduct effective human rights education
  • Facilitating partnership and collaboration across Amnesty International and with external partners

The AI HRE Network has its own website and online resource centre to enable effective communication, mobilization of resources, and the sharing of good practice, ideas and innovation.

Amnesty International’s HRE Network is coordinated by the HRE team in the International Secretariat office in London. Providing advice to the International HRE team is the Human Rights Education Coordinating Committee which is composed of six HRE Coordinators, each person representing a different region.  

For more information please contact the International HRE team.

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