Campaign for International Justice

Campaigning for an effective system of international justice to ensure justice, truth and full reparations for crimes under international law: genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, torture, extrajudicial executions and enforced disappearances.

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News and Updates

Guatemalan former soldiers sentenced to 6,060 years for massacre

3 August 2011

A landmark court ruling in Guatemala sentences four soldiers for their involvement in a bloody massacre in Dos Erres village in 1982.

Q&A: Accountability in Tunisia and Egypt

2 August 2011

The former leaders of Tunisia and Egypt, both ousted in popular uprisings in recent months, are facing criminal trials for abuse of power.

UN Security Council must take action over Syria bloodshed

1 August 2011

The UN must take urgent action to stop the escalating violence against protesters in Syria, which amounts to crimes against humanity.

Serbia: Final Hague war crimes suspect arrested

20 July 2011

Goran Hadžić, the only remaining suspect wanted by a Hague war crimes tribunal, was arrested today in Serbia.

Senegal: Authorities must not return former Chadian president to Chad

9 July 2011

Former president Hissène Habré is to be returned to Chad, where he face the death penalty for allegedly planning to overthrow the government.

Video and Audio

Sudanese President's controversial Chad visit

Amnesty International's Marek Marczynski says Chad should take action against Omar Al-Bashir.