Roma Rights

Romania: Stop forced eviction of Roma in Baia Mare - 25 April 2012

Around two thousand Roma are facing imminent forced eviction in Baia Mare, north-western Romania. Seventy families are reported to have agreed to being relocated while the remaining residents risk being made homeless. In addition, those inhabitants without identity documents registered in Baia Mare will be evicted, their homes will be demolished and they will be sent to their places of origin.

Romania: Request to remove Romani families from Cantonului Street was rejected by the Cluj-Napoca Court - 26 April 2012

Romani CRISS, the Working Group of Civil Society Organizations (gLOC) and Amnesty International welcome the decision of the court of Cluj-Napoca on Wednesday 18 April 2012 to reject the request of the public company, the National Railway (CFR), to remove approximately 450 people, mainly Roma, living in the settlement in Cantonului Street, in the Romanian city of Cluj-Napoca.

Romania: Roma in Baia Mare face threat of forced eviction and harassment - 10 May 2012

Amnesty International and Bucharest-based organization Romani CRISS are deeply concerned at the threat of forced eviction of Roma from settlements in Baia Mare, in north-western Romania. Representatives of the two organizations visited the city this week to assess the situation following news reports that the relocation of Romani families from the settlements of Craica and Pirita would commence this week.

Romania: Roma relocated to live in unsafe old office - 22 May 2012

Between 11 and 13 May, 70 Romani families were moved from their homes in the informal settlement of Craica in Baia Mare, northwestern Romania, to an inadequate and unsafe old office building. Remaining Romani residents are being pressured to move into similar buildings, through threats and intimidation by self-proclaimed representatives of the communities.

Romania: Authorities of Baia Mare should not relocate Roma in inadequate housing - 7 June 2012

Today, 30 NGOs are protesting in Bucharest against the ongoing relocation of dozens of Roma families in Baia Mare into inadequate housing conditions. Amnesty International shares the concerns of the NGOs and calls on the local and national authorities to take immediate action to ensure that any resettlement is preceded by a genuine consultation with the Romani families and it meets international standards binding Romania.

Romania: Betrayal of Romani families in Baia Mare places them at ongoing risk of housing insecurity and other human rights violations - 8 October 2012

Betrayal of Romani families in Baia Mare places them at ongoing risk of housing insecurity and other human rights violations

Romania: Bring Roma back to the city of Cluj-Napoca! - 17 December 2012

About 200 people will surround the Cluj-Napoca’s City Hall today, as a reminder of a forced eviction and relocation of about 300 people two years ago. The activists will be calling on the local authorities to bring the Roma back into the city.

Romania: Briefing to the Romanian Government on the right to adequate housing with regard to the marginalized Romani communities - 1 February 2013

In this briefing, Amnesty International, the European Roma Rights Centre and Foundation Desire express their concerns about the inadequate housing conditions of approximately 1,500 residents – mostly of Romani origin – of the Pata Rât area in Cluj-Napoca. The organizations consider that these conditions amount to violations of international human rights law and standards which are applicable to Romania with respect to the right to adequate housing and other related economic and social rights, access to an effective remedy and protection from discrimination.

Romania: Roma housing in spotlight as NGOs meet new government in Romania - 15 February 2013

The Minister of Regional Development in Romania acknowledged that the situation of Roma living on and near a rubbish dump in Pata Rât is ‘unacceptable’, during a meeting with non-governmental organisations (NGO) earlier this week.

Slovak Republic: Reported ill-treatment of Roma by police officers - 9 March 1999

There is concern at reports of police ill-treatment, including beating and unlawful arrest, of members of the Romani community in Hermanovce on 27 and 28 October 1999. Amnesty International is calling for a prompt and impartial investigation.

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