Roma Rights

Greece: Olympic Games must not lead to a trade off of security for human rights - 11 July 2004

Amnesty International is concerned about reports that refugees, migrants, asylum-seekers and the homeless are being rounded up and detained as the Greek government mounts the biggest security operation in the history of the Olympic Games.

Greece: Preparing for the Olympic games - evicting the Roma - 11 July 2004

In this document Amnesty International expresses its concern that the Greek authorities, by evicting Roma from their settlement and failing to facilitate their move to alternative appropriate accommodation, are acting in violation of Article 1.1 of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.

Greece: Olympics "clean-up" hits city's most vulnerable inhabitants - 5 August 2004

Athens has worked hard to present visitors of the Olympic Games 2004, and the world's media, with its best face. People living in the city have been rewarded with new sports facilities, railways and road junctions after months of dusty work on buildings and roads. However, all this has come at a price in terms of human rights.

Greece: Albanian Roma targeted for evictions and attacks - 30 June 2005

Roma have been evicted, their homes demolished by the Greek authorities and attacks against Romani communities have not been investigated in Patras, Western Greece. Roma who have migrated from Albania have been particularly targeted. Amnesty International is seeking assurances from the Greek authorities that no further evictions or demolitions will be carried out until the organization's concerns are resolved, and procedures to safeguard the human rights of Roma of Greek and other nationalities are put in place.

Greece: Out of the spotlight: The rights of foreigners and minorities still a grey area - 4 October 2005

This report considers that the ineffectiveness with which authorities have responded to migrants' needs has had a negative impact on the way in which 'foreigners' are perceived in Greece. For this reason, Amnesty International recommends that the reform of the current framework guiding the authorities' migration-related practice should be complemented by policies addressing the problems of discrimination, racism and xenophobia. This document looks at four areas of human rights violations: the legislative framework; detention and ill-treatment of migrants; violations of the ESC rights of the Roma; and, the invisibility of minorities.

Greece: Out of the Spotlight: The rights of foreigners and minorities are still a grey area Summary - 4 October 2005

Amnesty International's report, Out of the spotlight: The rights of foreigners and minorities are still a grey area,documents the failure of the Greek authorities to ensure that persons residing in Greece who are not members of the Greek majority group enjoy the human rights to which they are entitled, whether they be asylum-seekers, migrants or members of minorities. The report documents the mechanisms that contribute to this failure and makes a series of recommendations to remedy it.

Greece: 11 Roma Families face forced eviction - 7 August 2009

At least 11 Roma families face forced eviction from their homes on a landfill site on the island of Lefkada in Greece, and have been subjected to other violations of their rights to adequate housing and health. The families have lived on the site with no access to electricity, sewerage and water connections for the past three years, following their forced eviction from another site close to Lefkada city, the capital of the island.

Bulgaria and Romania: Amnesty International's Human Rights Concerns in the EU Accession Countries - 30 September 2005

The present briefing paper focuses on Amnesty International's concerns in relation to specific areas of inadequate human rights protection in Bulgaria and Romania. The organization urges the European Union to continue to monitor the countries' adherence to universal human rights standards. In particular, Amnesty International is focusing on issues such as the treatment of persons with mental disabilities, discrimination against Roma communities, and ill-treatment by law enforcement officials.

Bulgaria: Authorities must urgently act to stop the escalation of violence targeting the Roma community - 30 September 2011

Amnesty International urges Bulgarian authorities to effectively tackle the escalation of violence which is resulting in racially-motivated attacks against the Roma community in the country.

Basta de crímenes de odio en Grecia

Ayuda a conseguir que se haga justicia a una familia romaní de Grecia y a sentar un precedente para todas las comunidades romaníes. Paraskevi Kokoni, su sobrino Kostas, de 25 años, y su hijo Andreas, de 13, en Etoliko, oeste de Grecia, 21 de enero de 2014. © Amnesty International 

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