Our 6 Values Statements

  • Focus our energy for greater impact

  • Stand up with integrity

  • Be outstanding

  • Respect the Individual

  • Be relevant today and ready for tomorrow

  • Be accountable

Focus our energy for greater impact

Our passion for human rights is why we are here. If we combine our energy and use each others’ expertise to its best advantage we will achieve greatest impact.

  • We work together, uniting our energy
  • We act in solidarity with others to further the cause
  • We act in solidarity with peoples whose rights have been violated
  • We rightfully challenge what gets in the way
  • We are working towards the strategic priorities of AI

Stand up with integrity

We are champions for human rights, working to create a movement for change.  Our conviction and integrity guide what we do and how we do it, every day.

  • We do the right thing
  • We do what we say we will do
  • We are worthy of trust
  • We have integrity and courage
  • We act with conviction

Be outstanding

We are known as global, independent and unbiased, acting in solidarity with the human rights movement and with our contributors. Our reputation is important for the work we do for our rights holders.   We must courageously play our part in making AI outstanding.

  • We stand up for what we believe inside and out
  • We are creative and innovative
  • We will try new things and learn from them
  • We are professionals in our discipline
  • We deliver excellence

Respect the individual

People should be themselves. We achieve more with a mix of cultures, personality types and ways of working. We’re often in a stressful environment, and it is especially important that peoples’ needs in and out of work are respected.

  • We are supportive and we are responsible for our actions
  • We are informal, within boundaries that maintain our professionalism

Be relevant today and ready for tomorrow

We have to evolve to best serve the needs of rights holders.  Through our delivery of professional services, we help achieve the movement’s goals.  To remain relevant today we must stay one step ahead and be ready for tomorrow.

  • We are always learning, from others, from our past and for the future
  • We have the right people, who are ready to act
  • We embrace how things can change for better
  • We think ahead, strategically

Be accountable

We are accountable to the movement and have a responsibility to rights holders and contributors.

  • We ensure the best use of resources to achieve the goals of the IS
  • We take responsibility for our decisions
  • We are accountable for ourselves and our behaviours
  • We are transparent in prioritizing our efforts and resources

How you can help