Document - Côte d’Ivoire: Launch of the report “The Victors' Law”




15 February 2013

AI Index: AFR 31/003/2013

Côte d’Ivoire: Launch of the report “The Victors’ Law”

On 26 February, Amnesty International is launching a report on Côte d’Ivoire detailing serious human rights violations being committed by the national army and military police, including extra-judicial executions, politically motivated arrests, torture and incommunicado detention targeting known or suspected supporters of former President Laurent Gbabgo. The report highlights how under the pretense of ensuring security and fighting against perpetrators of armed attacks, the authorities are operating beyond the rule of law, extracting revenge with impunity for the post-electoral violence that happened two years ago, undermining the reconciliation process set up in July 2011. The report includes testimonies from those who have been targeted, including a man who was taken at gun point into the forest where a fellow prisoner was shot dead in front of him and others who were tortured with electricity to extract confessions. The report also provides a detailed account of the attack and destruction by the Dozos (traditional hunters), the local population and elements of the army of a camp harbouring internally displaced people. ��The report will be launched in Abidjan. �

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