Document - Mali experts available for interview



AI index: AFR 37/001/2013

14 January 2013

Mali experts available for interview

�Amnesty International researchers Salvatore Sagues and Gaëtan Mootoo are available for interview about the human rights situation in Mali. Gaëtan was on the ground in Mali late last year conducting research and the team continue to monitor the situation closely. ��Possible talking points:

Risk of further human rights abuses through indiscriminate shelling and escalation of conflict

Urgent need to protect civilians

Recruitment of child soldiers by armed groups in the north and by militias supported by the Malian government

Amputations, stonings and other human rights abuses

Risk of sexual violence

The need for the deployment of human rights monitors to observe the conflict closely and ensure the protection of civilians

Reprisals against hostages held by Islamist armed groups

��Interviews can be conducted in English, French and Spanish. Please contact Katy Pownall to arrange: ��Tel: +44 (0)207 413 5729/ ��For further information on Amnesty International’s concerns, please see the following briefing entitled: Mali: Civilians bear the brunt of the conflict �� ��� �

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