Document - Sierra Leone: A seven point human rights agenda for candidates in Sierra Leone’s 2012 elections

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AI Index: AFR 51/006/2012

10 September 2012

A seven point human rights agenda for candidates in Sierra Leone’s 2012 elections

On 17 November 2012, Sierra Leone will hold Presidential, Parliamentary and local elections. Since the end of the conflict in 2002, the country has made great strides in its recovery but more remains to be done. As the people go to vote for their political representatives across all levels of government in a single day, this represents an important opportunity for political candidates to constructively engage with the people of Sierra Leone on the challenges the country is facing.

In the lead up to the elections, Amnesty International and the undersigning Sierra Leone civil society organizations are calling on all candidates to make a public commitment to respecting, promoting and protecting all human rights. The organizations are asking all candidates to pledge to establish a robust framework to ensure effective implementation of the human rights instruments to which the country is a state party. The organizations also call on candidates to commit to reinvigorating the Constitutional review process with a view to ensuring the new Constitution reflects human rights.

The Candidates Pledge

End discrimination against women and girls

Ensure women and girls have access to sexual, reproductive and maternal

Health services

Ensure accountability for human rights violations and abuses

Strengthen the criminal justice system

Abolish the death penalty

Ensure corporate accountability and transparency in government and business agreements

Ensure ratification of international treaties

Amnesty International and the undersigned Sierra Leone civil society organizations are asking all candidates to publicly pledge their support to ensuring the human rights concerns and recommendations detailed in the human rights agenda are addressed.


Access to Justice Law Center


Advocacy Movement Network (AMNet)

Brighter Future

Campaign for Child and Youth Empowerment Sierra Leone-Moyamba

Campaign for Good Governance (CGG)

Center for Democracy and Human Rights (CDHR)

Christian Extension Services-Kabala

Coalition for Civil Society and Human Rights-Moyamba

Coalition on International Criminal Court Sierra Leone

Coalition for Justice and Accountability (COJA)

Community Action for Rural Transformations-Kenema

Community Biodiversity-Kenema

Community Action for Human Security-Makeni

Development and Democracy Associates (DADA)

Future Focus Foundation-Kenema

Green Scenery

Health Alert

Humanist Watch Salone

Kenema Human Rights Committee

Koinadugu Women’s Group

Lagoonda Youth Progressive Organization-Kabala

Mankind’s Activities for Development Accreditation Movement (MADAM)

Moyamba District Human Rights Committee

Network Movement for Justice and Development (NMJD)

Network Support for Peace Education-Moyamba

One Family People

Organisation for Development and Human Rights

Peace and Reconciliation Movement Sierra Leone (PRM-SL)

Prison Watch Sierra Leone

Rehabilitation and Development Agency in Sierra Leone

Sabi You Right

Sierra Leone Network on the Right to Food (SILNORF)

Society for Democratic Initiative (SDI)

Women Action for Human Dignity (WAHD)

Women’s Forum

Women Yearning for Educational Rights-Kambia

For a detailed description of Amnesty International and civil society organizations concerns and recommendations please see:

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