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Further information on UA: 93/13 Index: AMR 29/003/2013 El Salvador Date: 1 May 2013



The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights has urged the Salvadoran government to safeguard the life of Beatriz, but they still have not acted.

The Salvadoran government must act immediately to safeguard the life of Beatriz: the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) granted her "protective measures" (medidas cautelares) on Monday 29 April, urging the Salvadoran State to provide Beatriz with the medical treatment indicated by her doctors in accordance with her wishes within 72 hours. The government still has not done so.

On 26 April, four United Nations experts (the Special Rapporteurs on the Right to Health; Torture; Violence against Women; and the president of the UN Working Group on Discrimination against Women) also called on the Salvadoran government to urgently provide Beatriz with the necessary medical treatment to save her life.

AI USA have launched an online action open to activists of any country: please also take this action in order to generate an additional source of immediate pressure:

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Urging the authorities to comply immediately with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights instruction of 29 April and provide Beatriz with the necessary medical treatment, in accordance with her wishes and as recommended by her doctors, in order to save her life;

Urging them to ensure immediately that health professionals are able to give Beatriz the treatment she needs, without any risk of criminal prosecution;

Urging them to decriminalise abortion in all circumstances and ensure women and girls have safe and legal access to abortion services necessary to preserve their life or health, or if they are pregnant as a result of rape.



Mauricio Funes

Presidente de la República de El Salvador  

Alameda Dr. Manuel Enrique Araujo, No. 5500,

San Salvador, El Salvador

Fax +503 2243 6860

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Estimado Sr. Presidente

Attorney General

Luís Martínez 

Fiscal General de la República 

Fiscalía General de la República

Calle Cortez Blanco Poniente, #20, Urbanización Madre Selva 3, Antiguo Cuscatlán, La Libertad.

San Salvador, El Salvador

Fax: +503 2246 4950


Salutation: Dear Attorney General/ Estimado Sr. Fiscal

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The Citizens' Group for the Decriminalisation of Therapeutic, Ethical and Eugenic Abortion

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ADditional Information

Sexual and reproductive rights are grounded in human rights that are recognized in international human rights treaties, regional standards, national constitutions and other relevant human rights standards. The realization of sexual and reproductive rights requires respect for rights relating to physical and mental integrity, including the rights to life, to liberty and security of person; to freedom from torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment; and to privacy and respect for family life; as well as rights related to freedom of conscience and expression and freedom from discrimination. These rights correspond directly to the principles underpinning sexual and reproductive rights – the physical and mental integrity of the individual, his or her autonomy, and the principle of non-discrimination on grounds such as gender, race, national origin, sexual orientation, disability or socioeconomic status.

Sexual and reproductive rights are central to the realization of every individual’s human rights. Respect for these rights is essential to human dignity and to the enjoyment of physical, emotional, mental and social well-being. Their fulfilment enhances life and personal relationships and helps to achieve gender equality and empowerment. All people must be allowed to enjoy their sexual and reproductive rights free from coercion, discrimination and violence.

In June 2011, the UN Special expert on Violence against Women expressed grave concern at a situation of violence against women in El Salvador, and warned that government inaction on the investigation, prosecution and reparation for such crimes had lead to a situation of impunity for gender based violence.

In her report the UN Special Expert also urged the government to review the laws which ban abortion in all circumstances, even where the life or health of the woman or girl is at stake or she is a victim of rape.

Name: Beatriz

Gender m/f: f

Further information on UA: 93/13 Index: AMR 29/003/2013 Issue Date: 1 May 2013

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