Document - Romania: “Pushed to the margins: Stories of Roma forced evictions in Romania” - Exhibition

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“Pushed to the margins: Stories of Roma forced evictions in Romania”

- Exhibition -

Photo: House of Cards erected in Bucharest in June 2013

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The Pushed to the margins: Stories of Roma forced evictions in Romania” exhibition stands proof of the urgent need to stop forced evictions in Romania and sends a strong call to the Romanian authorities to guarantee the right to adequate housing to all.

The right to adequate housing is a human right that everyone should be able to access without discrimination. However, in Romania, it is not adequately protected by the existent legislation despite the country’s international and regional human rights obligations.

This affects everybody in Romania, especially the poorest and most disadvantaged. The Roma – Europe’s largest and most disadvantaged minority - are disproportionately affected. Living in long-standing unofficial and temporary dwellings, they are vulnerable to forced evictions carried out in violation of international human rights standards. If they are provided with an alternative housing after the eviction, it is often built in precarious conditions, lacks basic services, is located close to garbage dumps, industrial areas and at the margins of the cities in areas that could be hazardous for people’s health.

Since 2010, Amnesty International, together with Roma communities and local partners, has been campaigning against forced evictions and relocations to inadequate housing conditions of Roma from informal settlements.

In June 2013, Amnesty International, jointly with nine Roma activists, launched the latest report - Pushed to the margins - which tells the story of five Roma in Romania who experienced forced evictions and whose lives have been profoundly impacted by forced relocations. Loss of livelihood, disconnection from their social lives, stigma and difficulties in accessing education and health-care and long-lasting trauma are some of the effects that evicted people have to deal with.

Three cases of Roma communities were highlighted in the House of Cards that was installed in June in the centre of Bucharest as a symbol of the vulnerability of Roma across the country threatened with being forcibly evicted from their homes. Pictures, quotes, and satellite images tell the stories of the Former Coastei Street, Craica and Former Muncii Street communities and their struggle for justice and resistance to forced evictions.

Please visit the exhibition and sign the petition targeting the Romanian Prime Minister!

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