Death Penalty News September 1992

Death Penalty News September 1992

Index Number: ACT 53/004/1992
Date Published: 31 August 1992

1. Paraguay abolishes the death penalty for ordinary crimes. 2. Amnesty International cautions Philippines against reintroduction of the death penalty. 3. Luxembourg ratifies the Second Optional Protocol. 4. Public executions: Afghanistan. 5. Public executions: Albania. 6. Iraq: Executions for economic crimes. 7. Pakistan: death penalty for blasphemy. 8. Russian Federation: death penalty statistics. 9. United Kingdom: death of a public executioner (Albert Pierrepoint). 10. Book review: Life on death row: one man's fight against racism and the death penalty; by Merrilyn Thomas. 11. Book review: Medicine betrayed: the participation of doctors in human rights abuses; by the British Medical Association.

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