Sierra Leone: Arrests of former government ministers

Sierra Leone: Arrests of former government ministers

Index Number: AFR 51/002/1994
Date Published: 11 May 1994
Categories: Africa, Sierra Leone

About 26 people, most of whom are believed to be former government ministers and others associated with the former government, are reported to have been arrested on or around 7 May 1994. The following 10 people are among those arrested: Dr Birch Momodu Conteh, Paramount Chief Alimamy Dura, Gipu Felix-George, Abdul Mutallib Iscandari, Dr Bu-Buakei Jabbie, Dr Wiltshire Johnson, Egerton Tamba Kamara, Dr Sheka Kanu, Alhaji Abdul Karim Koroma, Ahmad Edward Sisay. Although the official reason for the arrests is non-payment of compensation to the government, no criminal charges have yet been brought.

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