South Korea: Letters from prisoners

South Korea: Letters from prisoners

Index Number: ASA 25/003/1992
Date Published: 1 January 1992
Categories: Asia And The Pacific, South Korea

This document contains excerpts from letters received by Amnesty International groups between June and December 1991. Some of the prisoners have been released, others remain in prison. Letters from the following people are included: Park In-bae, 38-year-old stage director released in October 1991; Reverend Hong Keun-soo, 54-year-old Presbyterian pastor serving a one-and-a-half year sentence; Park Soon-kyung, a 68-year-old theologian released in November 1991; Kim Keun-tae, 44-year-old chairperson of Chonminnyon, serving two years; Lee Pyong-sol, a 53-year-old professor serving 12 years; In Su-kyong, a 24-year-old student serving five years; Father Moon Kyu-hyun, a 46-year-old Catholic priest serving five years and Kim Song-man, a former student serving a life sentence.

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