The Wire, November 2006. Vol. 36, No.10.

The Wire, November 2006. Vol. 36, No.10.

Index Number: NWS 21/010/2006
Date Published: 1 November 2006

1) Children maimed by Israeli cluster bombs in Lebanon 2) Pakistan sells 'terror suspects' to USA 3) Sudan: 'If you leave the camp, we will kill you' 4) Arbitrary deadlines hamper tribunals 5) Women in Mexico denied Justice 6)Worldwide appeals: Peru: Activist threatened and intimidated; Morocco/Western Sahara: Prison sentence for human rights defender; Belarus: Election monitors imprisoned 7) Updates: Saudi Arabia; Iran; USA; Peru; Greece; Ending impunity for police in Angola 8) Canadian inquiry vindicates case of Guantánamo detainee 9) Ambassador of conscience award 10) Control Arms 11) 25 years of renouncing religious intolerance 12) Activist murdered in Russian Federation 13) Recent Publication

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