The Wire, December 2003. Vol. 33, No. 11.

The Wire, December 2003. Vol. 33, No. 11.

Index Number: NWS 21/011/2003
Date Published: 1 December 2003

1) Executions in Uzbekistan 2) Viet Nam restricts Internet freedom 3) Rape committed with impunity in Burundi 4) The 'forgotten detainees' of the Bahamas 5) Human rights defenders in the Americas under attack 6) Worldwide Appeals. USA: Death sentence after misconduct by the prosecution; Indonesia: Abepura victims still waiting for justice after nearly three years; Iraq: Iraqi held by UK troops dies in custody 7) Welcome releases in Sudan 8) Updates. Libya: Appeal hearing postponed again; Namibia: Another defendant dies in police custody; 9) Press Freedom under threat 10) Courts contribute to impunity in Ecuador 11) UN drafts new treaty against 'disappearances' 12) Human rights bus ends 100-day tour

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