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4 July 2014

Ukraine Pride cancelled after police fail to guarantee protection

The failure of the Ukrainian authorities to guarantee protection for those taking part in the planned Pride march on 5 July sends all the wrong signals

Region Europe And Central Asia
Country Ukraine
3 July 2014

Egypt: Rampant torture, arbitrary arrests and detentions signal catastrophic decline in human rights one year after ousting of Morsi

A surge in arbitrary arrests, detentions and harrowing incidents of torture and deaths in police custody recorded by Amnesty International provide strong evidence of the sharp deterioration in human rights in Egypt in the year since President Mohamed Morsi was ousted.

Region Middle East And North Africa
Country Egypt
3 July 2014


From Monday 14 to Friday 18 July, the British intelligence agencies and the Ministers responsible for them will be under the spotlight in a historic case to determine whether mass communications surveillance is lawful

Region Europe And Central Asia
Country UK
3 July 2014

Thailand: First conviction of protester under military rule sets dangerous precedent

Today’s guilty verdict in the case of a peaceful anti-coup protester in Thailand sets a dangerous precedent for freedom of assembly and contributes to the climate of fear under military rule, Amnesty International said.

Region Asia And The Pacific
Country Thailand
3 July 2014

Amnesty International report: EU puts lives of refugees fleeing conflict at risk

The European Union (EU) and member states are failing refugees fleeing conflict and putting lives at risk by focusing on fortifying their external borders rather than trying to help them find sanctuary, says Amnesty International in a new report to be published on 9 July

3 July 2014

Zambia: Court acquits two men accused of having sex ‘against the order of nature’

Today’s court decision to acquit two Zambian men accused of having consensual sex with each other because the case had not been proved beyond reasonable doubt is the right decision for the wrong reasons, Amnesty International said today.

Region Africa
Country Zambia
2 July 2014

Hong Kong: Mass arrests a disturbing sign for peaceful protest

The Hong Kong authorities must release all those detained solely for peacefully protesting in pro-democracy demonstrations, said Amnesty International, after more than 500 people were arrested by police on Wednesday.

2 July 2014

Iraq: Kurdish authorities must not block passage of civilians fleeing fighting

Thousands of exhausted Iraqi civilians fleeing the conflict in north-west Iraq are stranded at checkpoints separating the autonomous Kurdish provinces controlled by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and the rest of Iraq, said Amnesty International today.

Region Middle East And North Africa
Country Iraq
1 July 2014

Families ripped apart as Palestinian refugees from Syria denied entry to Lebanon

Palestinian refugees from Syria - including pregnant women, children and women with infants – have been denied entry into Lebanon due to tightened border restrictions, said Amnesty International in a new briefing published today. 

1 July 2014

European Court ruling on full-face veils punishes women for expressing their beliefs

Today’s European Court of Human Rights judgment upholding a general ban on wearing full-face veils in public sends a message that women are not free to express their religious beliefs in public

  • Freedom Of Expression
Region Europe And Central Asia
Country France

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