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Press Releases

29 October 2009

Afghanistan: German government must investigate deadly Kunduz airstrikes

The German government should immediately launch a credible, transparent investigation into a 4 September airstrike in Kunduz, Afghanistan, that killed scores of people, many of them civilians, Amnesty International said today.

The German military said on Thursday that NATO’s investigation suggested the airstrike, which targeted two fuel tanker trucks that had been hijacked by Taleban fighters five hours earlier, was appropriate even though it led to civilian casualties.

Amnesty international’s investigation into the Kunduz incident suggests that the laws of war may have been violated during the airstrike.

Region Asia And The Pacific
Country Afghanistan
28 October 2009

African governments must pressure Zimbabwe on human rights

Amnesty International today warned that Zimbabwe is on the brink of sliding back into the post-election violence that marred the country last year, risking undermining the stability brought about by the creation of the unity government in February.
Region Africa
Country Zimbabwe
28 October 2009

Sudan: Death row prisoner bore marks of torture

Amnesty International today said the Sudanese government was responsible for the death and ill-treatment of a prisoner who died from tuberculosis in police custody last week.
Region Africa
Country Sudan
26 October 2009

Russian Federation: Authorities must investigate activist’s murder

Russian and Kabardino-Balkarian authorities must find and bring to justice those responsible for the murder of Maksharip Aushev, a leading civil society activist from Ingushetia
Region Europe And Central Asia
26 October 2009

Sierra Leone: Special Court renders final judgment in RUF case

Today’s decision by the Special Court for Sierra Leone to uphold the convictions  of three former senior leaders of the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) is a positive step in the fight against impunity for the worst crimes committed during the country’s eleven-year civil war
Region Africa
Country Sierra Leone
23 October 2009

Turkey: The right of refugees to return with dignity

Amnesty International calls on the Turkish authorities to allow Turkish citizens of Kurdish origin to return without fear of harassment and discrimination as refugees begin to leave the Mahmur camp in northern Iraq
Region Europe And Central Asia
Country Turkey
22 October 2009

Nigeria: Government must arrest Sudanese President during visit

Amnesty International today revealed that Nigerian President Umaru Yar’Adua has issued an invitation to Sudanese President Omar al Bashir to visit Nigeria even though President al Bashir is wanted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) on charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity.
Region Africa
Country Somalia
21 October 2009

South Korea: Migrant workers treated as ‘disposable labour’

Many migrant workers in South Korea are beaten, trafficked for sexual exploitation and denied their wages for long periods despite the introduction of rules to protect their rights, said Amnesty International in a report issued today. 

In the 98-page report, Disposable Labour: Rights of migrants workers in South Korea, Amnesty International documented how migrant workers often work with heavy machinery and dangerous chemicals without sufficient training or protective equipment and are at greater risk of industrial accidents, including fatalities, and receive less pay compared to South Korean workers. 

“Migrant workers are vulnerable to abuse and exploitation largely because they cannot change jobs without their employer’s permission,” said Roseann Rife, Amnesty International’s Asia-Pacific Deputy Programme Director. “Work conditions are sometimes so bad that they run away and consequently, lose their regular status and are then subject to arrest and deportation.”

Region Asia And The Pacific
Country South Korea
19 October 2009

Uruguay: Law protecting police and military torture suspects must be annulled

A law in Uruguay that has allowed the police and military to get away with torture and murder should be annulled, Amnesty International said today, as the country prepares to vote in a referendum on the future of the law.
Region Americas
Country Uruguay
18 October 2009

Colombia: Amnesty International condemns attack against human rights defender

The invaluable work carried out by human rights defenders in Colombia must be respected by all the parties to the armed conflict, Amnesty International said following yesterday’s attempt on the life of human rights activist Islena Rey in Puerto Rico Municipality in Meta Department.
Region Americas
Country Colombia

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