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11 January 2010

European states must take concrete steps to help close Guantánamo

Leading human rights organizations today urged more European states to accept detainees held at the US detention centre at Guantánamo who cannot be returned to their countries of origin for fear of torture or other human rights violations. 
Region Americas
Country USA
8 January 2010

Israeli detention of Palestinian activists must end

The Israeli authorities must immediately release, or bring before a fair trial, three Palestinian human rights activists detained in Israel following their protests against the construction of the West Bank fence/wall, Amnesty International said today.

In a letter sent to Ehud Barak, Israeli Defence and Deputy Prime Minister on Thursday, Amnesty International expressed concern that Jamal Juma’, Abdallah Abu Rahma and Mohammed Othman were prisoners of conscience, held for legitimately voicing their opposition to the fence/wall.

“These men have all been involved in campaigning against the building of this construction, much of it on the land of the occupied West Bank, and we fear that this is the real reason for their imprisonment,” said Malcolm Smart, Director of Amnesty International’s Middle East and North Africa Programme. “If this is the case they must be released immediately and unconditionally.”

Region Middle East And North Africa
28 December 2009

Iran: End slide to more bloodshed

Amnesty International today condemned the further and wholly avoidable loss of up to 8-15 lives in Iran during the ‘Ashoura religious commemorations.

The organization called on the authorities to ensure that those attending funerals and commemorations in the coming days and weeks are guaranteed the right to assemble peacefully and to express their opposition to the current government.

Region Middle East And North Africa
Country Iran
23 December 2009

Colombia: Amnesty condemns killing of Caquetá governor

Amnesty International today condemned the kidnapping and killing of Luis Francisco Cuéllar Carvajal, Governor of the Colombian department of Caquetá in the south of the country.
Region Americas
Country Colombia
22 December 2009

Lithuania admits existence of secret prison

A Lithuanian parliamentary committee concluded that a CIA secret prison operated in Lithuania during the US-led “war on terror”
Region Europe And Central Asia
Country Lithuania
18 December 2009

Mongolia: Legacy of deadly July riots– impunity and injustice

The Government of Mongolia has failed to effectively respond to human rights abuses
that took place during the July 2008 riot in Sukhbaatar Square, Ulaanbaatar, and its aftermath leaving a legacy of impunity and injustice, Amnesty International said in a report released today.

Amnesty International’s report describes how hundreds of people were taken to police detention centres where they were held in over-crowded cells without food or water for up to 72 hours during the riots. Police beat detainees while they were in custody and during interrogations to extract “confessions”.
Over 700 people were arrested and over 100 more in the weeks following, for suspected offences committed during the riot.

Region Asia And The Pacific
Country Mongolia
18 December 2009

Côte d’Ivoire: Stop attempt to defraud toxic waste dump victims

An attempt to defraud victims of the Trafigura toxic waste dump disaster out of $45 million must be stopped, Amnesty International said today in an open letter.
Region Africa
18 December 2009

Nepal: Bar human rights violators from UN peacekeeping missions

Amnesty International today called on Nepal’s government to immediately fix the flawed vetting process that allowed an army major charged with murder to participate in the United Nations peace keeping mission in the Central African Republic.

Major Niranjan Basnet is charged with murdering 15-year-old Maina Sunuwar on 17 February 2004. She died in military custody after she was subjected to electrocution and drowning during interrogation. Her body was later exhumed from an army barracks where Nepali UN peacekeepers are trained.

In a letter to Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal the organization said the inclusion of Major Basnet in the peace keeping force revealed serious shortcomings in the vetting of troops from the Nepal Army to UN missions that could put civilians at risk in countries where they are deployed.

Region Asia And The Pacific
Country Nepal
16 December 2009

Iran: Stop execution of alleged juvenile offender, Mosleh Zamani

The Iranian authorities must halt the imminent execution of alleged juvenile offender, Amnesty International said today.
  • Children,
  • Death Penalty,
  • Extrajudicial Executions And Other Unlawful Killings
Region Middle East And North Africa
Country Iran
16 December 2009

Russian NGO awarded Sakharov human rights prize

Human rights organizations in Russia joined forces today to pay tribute today to Memorial, an international civil rights society that operates in a number of post-Soviet states, as they received the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of thought in the European Parliament.

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