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Press Releases

22 September 2009

Sierra Leone: That one in eight women risk dying during pregnancy or childbirth is a human rights emergency

On the eve of world leaders meeting in New York to discuss increased funding for healthcare in developing countries, Amnesty International’s Secretary General Irene Khan launched a campaign to reduce maternal deaths in Sierra Leone.
  • Demand Dignity
Region Africa
Country Sierra Leone
18 September 2009

South Korea: Dolkun Isa release welcome but authorities should not have denied him entry

Amnesty International today welcomed the release of Dolkun Isa, the Secretary General of the World Uyghur Congress, following his detention at Incheon International airport in Seoul, South Korea but said the authorities should not have denied him entry to the country.
Region Asia And The Pacific
Country South Korea
17 September 2009

Mexico: Freedom for Indigenous woman wrongly imprisoned for three years on fabricated charges

Amnesty International welcomes the release of Mexican prisoner of conscience Jacinta Francisco Marcial, who was held in prison for three years after being falsely accused of kidnapping six federal agents.
  • Prisoners Of Conscience
Region Americas
Country Mexico
17 September 2009

Secretary General of World Uighur Congress denied entry to South Korea

Amnesty International calls on the South Korean authorities to immediately release Dolkun Isa, Secretary General of the World Uighur Congress, unless he is to be charged with an internationally recognized criminal offense.

Under no circumstances should he be deported to China where he would risk arbitrary detention, unfair trial, torture and other ill-treatment and possibly even the death penalty.

Dolkun Isa told Amnesty International by phone that he has been held at Incheon International airport in Seoul for over 42 hours. He was told he would be returned to Germany but has been stopped from boarding a flight.

Region Asia And The Pacific
Country South Korea
17 September 2009

Yemen: Saudi Arabia must assist refugees fleeing Sa’da fighting

Saudi Arabia must not close its borders to civilians fleeing the conflict raging in Yemen’s Sa’da region, Amnesty International said today in a letter addressed to the Minister of Interior.
Region Middle East And North Africa
Country Yemen
15 September 2009

Spain: Incommunicado detention – out of sight, out of mind

Spain must end the practice of incommunicado detention as it violates the rights of people deprived of their liberty
Region Europe And Central Asia
Country Spain
15 September 2009

Israel-Gaza: Implementation of UN Fact finding mission recommendations crucial for justice

All relevant UN bodies must act promptly and in coordination to implement the recommendations of the UN-mandated Goldstone report on violations of international law committed in Gaza and southern Israel in late December and January, Amnesty International said today.  
  • Armed Conflict,
  • Armed Groups,
  • Crimes Against Humanity And War Crimes,
  • Impunity,
  • International Justice,
  • International Organizations,
  • United Nations
Region Middle East And North Africa
14 September 2009

Serbia: Human rights defenders under threat

Human rights defenders are under attack in Serbia and the authorities are failing to protect them
Region Europe And Central Asia
Country Serbia
14 September 2009

Dominican Republic: Changes to constitution will put women’s lives in danger

Amnesty International today warned that proposed changes to the Constitution of the Dominican Republic will put women and girls at risk and potentially increase maternal deaths in the country. The country’s Parliament is scheduled to vote on a constitutional reform package on Thursday.
  • Stop Violence Against Women
Region Americas
10 September 2009

Japan: Stop the execution of mentally ill prisoners

The government of Japan’s continued practice of executing prisoners with mental illness is inhuman and must come to an end, Amnesty International said today with the publication of a new report on the treatment of the mentally ill sentenced to death in Japan.

In the report, Hanging by a thread: mental health and the death penalty in Japan, Amnesty International condemned Japan’s practice of executing mentally ill prisoners which contravenes the international standards requiring those with a serious mental illness be protected from the death penalty, that Japan has signed up to.

One hundred and two people are currently on death row in Japan waiting to find out if or when they will be put to death. For those who have completed the legal process, they are forced to await execution every day, facing a sentence that could be enforced at only a few hours notice. Each day could be their last and the arrival of a prison officer with a death warrant would signal their execution within hours. Some live like this year after year, sometimes for decades.

Region Asia And The Pacific
Country Japan

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