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27 August 2009

Colombia: Third mass killing against Awá Indigenous Peoples in 2009

The killing of 12 Indigenous Peoples in Colombia, including four children, is a consequence of the failure of the authorities to heed warnings that unless measures were taken to protect the community, more attacks would take place, said Amnesty International today.
Region Americas
Country Colombia
27 August 2009

Afghanistan: Kandahar bombing and NATO clinic attack, highlight increasing danger to civilians

As uncertainty surrounds the outcome of presidential elections in Afghanistan, civilians are at greater danger than at any time since the fall of the Taleban, Amnesty International warned today following a series of attacks on civilians by anti-government groups in Kandahar and today’s attack on a hospital clinic by a NATO helicopter.

Region Asia And The Pacific
Country Afghanistan
26 August 2009

Timor-Leste: No justice ten years after independence vote

The UN Security Council should establish an International Criminal tribunal with jurisdiction over all grave human rights violations surrounding Timor-Leste’s 1999 independence referendum and in the previous 24 years of Indonesian occupation, said Amnesty International in a report published today to mark the 10th anniversary of independence vote.
Region Asia And The Pacific
Country Timor Leste
25 August 2009

The Philippines: Displaced civilians at risk despite Mindanao ceasefire

More than 200,000 civilians in central Mindanao are still vulnerable to abuses despite the recent ceasefire between the Philippine army and the insurgent Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), warns Amnesty International in a new report published today.

The report, Philippines: Shattered lives, beyond the 2008 – 2009 Mindanao armed conflict, details the risks that hundreds of thousands of people face as they are forced to live in camps or makeshift shelters, sometimes surrounded by a heavy military presence. Many of the displaced are still unable to return to their homes following the implementation of a ceasefire on 29 July 2009.

“The vulnerability and uncertainty which civilians in central Mindanao face makes it imperative that the government and the MILF put human rights at the top of their agenda during future peace talks, ” said Donna Guest, Amnesty International’s  Asia Pacific  Deputy Director.

Region Asia And The Pacific
Country Philippines
21 August 2009

India: Illegal detention of 11 year old girl in Manipur must be investigated

Amnesty International is calling for the government of India to launch an independent investigation into allegations that an 11 year old girl was illegally detained by police in the state of Manipur to force her parents - suspected of links with local armed opposition groups to give themselves up.

Bidyarani Devi Salam was taken from her home by security forces on the morning of 14 August and held in police custody for five days. Her illegal detention triggered hundreds of protestors to take to the streets and call for her release.

Region Asia And The Pacific
Country India
21 August 2009

USA: Denial of parole to Leonard Peltier after more than 32 years in prison, disappointing

Amnesty International today regretted the US Parole Commission’s decision not to grant Leonard Peltier parole despite concerns about the fairness of his 1977 conviction for murder. The organization called for the immediate release on parole of the activist, who is serving two consecutive life sentences and has spent more than 32 years in prison.
Region Americas
Country USA
20 August 2009

Tunisia: “Plus ça change” on human rights, says Amnesty International

The Tunisian authorities continue to commit human rights violations in the name of security and counter-terrorism, yet other states continue to forcibly return Tunisian nationals at risk of torture and other abuses or to threaten such returns, Amnesty International said in a new report today.
Region Middle East And North Africa
Country Tunisia
19 August 2009

Honduras: Photos and testimony of protestors shows extent of police violence

Amnesty International today published a series of exclusive photos and testimonies revealing serious ill-treatment by police and military of peaceful protesters in the capital, Tegucigalpa. The organization warned that beatings and mass arrests are being used as a way of punishing people for voicing their opposition to the military-backed coup d’etat in June.
Region Americas
Country Honduras
19 August 2009

Afghanistan: Electoral Media Restrictions Undermine Democratic Process

On the eve of the presidential elections in Afghanistan, Amnesty International has called on the Afghan government to reverse its ban on national and international media from reporting on cases of violence and insecurity occurring during Thursday’s election.

The decision was made following a National Security Council meeting on Tuesday and was announced by the Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Ministry said that journalists must avoid reporting on any election-related violence or security incidents that may occur during polling.

Region Asia And The Pacific
Country Afghanistan
18 August 2009

Mexico: Indigenous woman accused of kidnapping six agents named prisoner of conscience

Amnesty International today adopted 46-year-old Jacinta Marcial as a prisoner of conscience for being unfairly sentenced to 21 years in prison and demanded that the Mexican authorities release her immediately and unconditionally.
Region Americas
Country Mexico

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