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Press Releases

3 November 2009

Spain: Allegations of torture must be investigated

The Spanish authorities need to reform the current system of investigating allegations of torture and other ill-treatment by security forces
Region Europe And Central Asia
Country Spain
2 November 2009

Nigeria: Rivers State government set to demolish more homes

Amnesty International today warned hundreds of people – including many women and children – may be left homeless tomorrow morning if plans to demolish their homes to make way for a commercial development go ahead.
  • Demand Dignity,
  • Economic, Social and Cultural Rights,
  • Demand Dignity
Region Africa
Country Nigeria
30 October 2009

Tunisia: Assaults on journalists must be punished

The assault of two independent journalists in Tunisia and the arrest of a third in the wake of last week’s elections must be punished, Amnesty International said today. “It appears that these three journalists were targeted because they have criticized the government and opposed the re-election, for a fifth term, of President Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali,” said Malcolm Smart, Amnesty International’s Director for the Middle East and North Africa Programme. “This is an extremely worrying development, indicating that there is likely to be no let-up in the Tunisian government’s repression of dissent.” Slim Boukhdhir, an independent journalist who has previously been jailed for writing articles critical of the government, was stopped in the street and forced into a car last Wednesday evening by five men in plain clothes, all believed to be police or security officials.
Region Middle East And North Africa
Country Tunisia
30 October 2009

World's Biggest Arms Traders Promise Global Arms Treaty

Today at the United Nation years of discussions and debates, the vast majority of governments – 153 in total - agreed a timetable to establish a "strong and robust" Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) with the "highest common standards" to control international transfers of conventional arms. There is currently no global Treaty on the conventional arms trade.
  • United Nations,
  • Arms control and human rights
29 October 2009

Obama should follow UN lead on Cuba embargo

Barack Obama should follow the lead of the UN General Assembly and take all necessary steps to end its economic embargo against Cuba, said Amnesty International today after the UN body condemned US sanctions against the island.
Region Americas
Country Cuba
29 October 2009

Iran: Criminalising freedom of expression

Amnesty International is calling on Ayatollah Ali Khamenei to immediately retract his statement on Wednesday that criticising the outcome of June’s presidential election is a crime
Region Middle East And North Africa
Country Iran
29 October 2009

Afghanistan: German government must investigate deadly Kunduz airstrikes

The German government should immediately launch a credible, transparent investigation into a 4 September airstrike in Kunduz, Afghanistan, that killed scores of people, many of them civilians, Amnesty International said today.

The German military said on Thursday that NATO’s investigation suggested the airstrike, which targeted two fuel tanker trucks that had been hijacked by Taleban fighters five hours earlier, was appropriate even though it led to civilian casualties.

Amnesty international’s investigation into the Kunduz incident suggests that the laws of war may have been violated during the airstrike.

Region Asia And The Pacific
Country Afghanistan
28 October 2009

African governments must pressure Zimbabwe on human rights

Amnesty International today warned that Zimbabwe is on the brink of sliding back into the post-election violence that marred the country last year, risking undermining the stability brought about by the creation of the unity government in February.
Region Africa
Country Zimbabwe
28 October 2009

Sudan: Death row prisoner bore marks of torture

Amnesty International today said the Sudanese government was responsible for the death and ill-treatment of a prisoner who died from tuberculosis in police custody last week.
Region Africa
Country Sudan
26 October 2009

Russian Federation: Authorities must investigate activist’s murder

Russian and Kabardino-Balkarian authorities must find and bring to justice those responsible for the murder of Maksharip Aushev, a leading civil society activist from Ingushetia
Region Europe And Central Asia

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