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26 December 2007

Hungary to introduce protocol for rape victims and survivors

Hungary to introduce protocol for rape victims and survivors
Representatives of the Government of Hungary met with non-governmental organizations, including Amnesty International, on 5 December 2007 to discuss the introduction of a protocol for survivors of sexual violence in the home.

Two thirds of sexual crimes are committed by people known to the victim in Hungary, though due to a lack of support services, government inactivity, and deficiencies in the criminal justice system, many women are denied justice and do not receive adequate support following the abuse. Sexual violence within the home is a widespread problem in Hungary.

Widespread prejudice exists against women who have been raped within the home. From the police authority to the judiciary, it is often assumed that women are responsible for the abuse. A female judge in Hungary said of the difficulties of achieving justice “I have worked as a judge for 10 years, but I myself would not report rape. It is the victim who has to defend and prove everything”.

Following the recent launch of Amnesty International’s report 'Cries unheard: The failure to protect women from rape and sexual violence in the home' and campaigning by Amnesty International activists, the Government of Hungary has agreed to work with non-governmental organizations and representatives of the police force, judiciary and health professionals to develop a protocol for dealing with victims and survivors of sexual violence in the home. The protocol will govern how the victim is treated by all services she comes into contact with from when she reports the crime.

While the process is in its early stages, Amnesty International welcomes the fact that this issue now features on the political agenda in Hungary and the commitment of all involved to provide proper protection for victims of rape in the home.

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Cries unheard: The failure to protect women from rape and sexual violence in the home (Report, 10 May 2007)


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