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19 November 2008

Majority support expected in UN vote on death penalty moratorium

Majority support expected in UN vote on death penalty moratorium
A large majority of states from all regions are expected to back a second resolution by the UN General Assembly (Third Committee) on Thursday, calling for a moratorium on the use of the death penalty.

The draft resolution to be voted on reaffirms resolution 62/149 of 18 December 2007, "Moratorium on the use of the death penalty". It welcomes the decisions taken by an increasing number of States to apply a moratorium on executions and the global trend towards the abolition of the death penalty.

It also welcomes the report of the UN Secretary-General on the implementation of
resolution 62/149; and requests the Secretary-General to provide a report on progress made in the implementation of both resolutions to the UN General Assembly in 2010 (65th session).

The General Assembly is expected to endorse the decision in a plenary session in December.

One-hundred-and-thirty-seven countries have abolished the death penalty in law or practice. During 2007, at least 1,252 people were executed in 24 countries. At least 3,347 people were sentenced to death in 51 countries.

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