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9 October 2009

Amnesty International urges President Obama to build on Nobel Peace Prize win

Amnesty International urges President Obama to build on Nobel Peace Prize win
Amnesty International today congratulated US President Barack Obama on being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize 2009 and urged him in the spirit of that award to keep justice, human rights and the rule of law at the centre of his efforts to promote peace.

"President Obama has taken some positive steps towards improving human rights in the USA and abroad, but much remains to be done," said Irene Khan, Amnesty International's Secretary General.

"This award raises our expectations of President Obama and we look to him for decisive action to pursue peace with justice in the Middle East, end the rollback on human rights in the name of counter-terrorism and reinforce the fight against poverty at a time of economic crisis."

Amnesty International was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1977.








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